Pakistan Chemical Industries - Chemical is a substance made up of different stuff dissolved by chemically. Chemical substances can be found in the form of solid, liquid, gas, or plasma and can be changed into any of these forms by changing in temperature and pressure. These changes effect on matter conditions. Pakistan has a number of chemical companies of various chemical products like chemical Dyestuffs, Electroplating, find out the country’s best chemical manufacturing companies on
We have Available Petroleum and petrochemical Products such as, D2, D6 and Jp54 from Russian Refinery, We can deliver good quality with competitive prices. We welcome serious and ready buyers. If you are interested kindly get back for SCO. Thanks Best Regards (Mr.) Maksim Yaroslav Email: nef
Maksim Yaroslav 18 Oct, 2017

Badre Alam Traders
You can buy the Leather Chemicals in this website which is officially available here and give you the original Leather Chemicals you need for it
Saad 16 Oct, 2017

Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co Ltd
Let’s check out the best Construction Chemicals page with the help of this website which can give you the all you need in this country
Saleem 16 Oct, 2017