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Daily Jang Lahore

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Daily Jang is an Urdu newspaper of Pakistan owned by Jang group newspapers, which is the major newspaper group of Pakistan. Mir Khalil Ur Rehman was the founder of the group and his son, Mir Shakil Ur Rehman, is the present head of the business house. It is the most circulated newspaper all over Pakistan with its head office in Karachi and branches in all major cities. It is one of the finest newspaper which gives unbiased analysis of event and political situations. Daily Jang provide complete information about sports, technology, Pakistan, world, sports, cricket, business, entertainment, weather, education, lifestyle and much more only on Daily Jang.

Other Information
Legal Representative / CEO: Saadia Shariff, General Manager
Category: Newspapers & Periodicals
Contact Information
Contact Person: Saadia Shariff, General Manager
Company: Daily Jang Lahore
Address: 13-Sir Agha Khan Road, Davis Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Telephone 1: 92-42-6368415
Telephone 2: 92-42-6371008
Fax: 92-42-6364280
Mobile Number: N/A
AJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWAL • a minute ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by ARY NEWS. Most shocking incident of Model Town of Dated 17th June 2014 . But WHO IS AT FAULT ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Readers, It is one of the most complicated matters and this matter is now become a court matter, Hence at presently, It is not better to offer my comments on this most sensible and complicated matter in respect of COURT proceeding I will offer my comments on this sensible and complicated matter after the completion of court proceeding If I remain alive uptil that time. However I will request to all people of Pakistan that they should improve their characters and should fear from the AZZAB of the Allah which can reveal at any time in future in order to set right the moral characters of all the people of Pakistan. The earth quake of 2004 in Islamabad was an indication warning from the ALLAH that all people of Pakistan should fear from ALLAH and they should avoid from all bad activities in order to harming any person of Pakistan But in spite of this, The people of pakistan are not improving their moral character because I am of the views that without improving the moral characters of all the people of Pakistan, we can not become civilised, God fearing and good citizens of Pakistan and hence without making themselves good citizens of this Islamic country of Pakistan, we can not solve our all problems of Pakistan and can not develop this islamic country of Pakistan .Hence without not improving the moral characters of the peoples themeselves and refrain from all sins and evil, the revealing of 2nd AAZAB of the ALLAH can be revealed at any time in future .I think that it will be most severed AAZAb of the Allah and after this 2nd AAZAB of the ALLAH , A real Islamic country of Pakistan will be came into existence. I hope that all people of Pakistan will improve therir moral character and all peole of Pakistan will try to become a true, muslim and responsible citizens of this Islamic country of Pakistan so that we should maintained INSANIYAT in this Islamic country of Pakistan. All crimes should be crushed in order to made it a peaceful country of Pakistan and also a prosperous and developed country of the world. Thanking you in anticipation Your most sincerely friend RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA (Political Science) PRESS ESSAY WRITER since 1957 Iqbal Town, RAWALPINDI-46300 Date 11-07-2014 =============== • Edit•Share › Powered by Disqus Subscribe Add Disqus to

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ======================= EARN TRILLION OF DOLLARS BY ENCOURAGING FOOTBALL TEAM OF LIYARI …………………………………………………………………………………….. My father RAJA LASHKAR ALI KHAN was shifted in Karachi along with his family in 1915.Hence my whole life was passed in Karachi upto 1970. My Father was remained Inspector of police sind CID KARACHI from 1915 upto 1954.He died of Heart failure in March 1960 and was buried in Mewa Shah Grave yards Karachi. In those days we lives in PIR JAINDAL SHAH BUILDING RAGHO STREET RAM SWAMY KARACHI.Hence I go to every Thursday in Mewa Shah grave yard on foot.I go on one way from Gandhi Garden to Mewa Shah through Pakistan Qtrs link Road and then come back through another way of Jamila street to my home in Ramswamy. On the way, there was existed a FOOT BALL Ground in which young MAKARANI Boys were used to pLaying football matches in most decently ways and I am of the views that these young boys are the best players of the world and if our govt of pakistan should encourage such best players of the FOOT BALL team.because these players can earned sufficient amount of foreign exchange which can be utilized for the development of Pakistan and specially the development of ignored areas of liyari and adjacent areas . HENCE I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan that a best team of foot ball may kindly be made of these MAKRANI young players. I thing thast our FOOT BALL team will florish the name of Pakistan by winning all the FOOT ball matches and will earn trillions dollars for Pakistan because it is the only game of the world in which good numerations and prizes of billion of Rupees are being distributed every years . I hope that our Muslim league GOVERNMENT WILL CONSIDER THIS PROBLEM AND WILL REDRFESS ALL THE GREIVANCES OF THE AREA OF Liyari of Karachi by forming an independent association of BOARD of FOOT BALL ASSOCIATION OF PAKISTAN WHOSE MEMBERS Should be selected from the well educated persons of Liyari and ex footballers of LIYARI …………………………………………………………… ARTICLES WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA (POLITICALSCIENCE) PRESS ESSAY WRITER & SOCIAL WORKER IQBAL TOWN RAWALPINDI-46300 DAT 01=06=2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ===================== SUBJECT, MOST EXPENSIVE & DEFECTIVE BOOKS =============================== This is in reference of a letter of ANUM ZAHRA which appeared in your DAILY PAKISTAN OBSERVER Dated 01-06-2014 and also appeared in a section of others leading newspapers of Pakistan. In this regard I had already sent a detailed report to my old friend Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah ,federal Minister of Education alongwith suggestions for improving of working position of books sellers perhaps 25 years ago for taking drastic action against all the Books sellers of Urdu bazaar Lahore who are habitual of printing of schools &colleges on most inferior papers even worst than news papers of Pakistan and whose printing is also not satisfactory at all. if we compare the prices urdu bazaar Books with prices of OXFORD university press Books than it will be revealed that Urdu bazaars books are really most expensive than the books of oxford University press Books For example the price of OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNERS DICTIONARY (Containing 1584 Pages on good quality white paper) is Rs600/- ie Rs 0.37 Paisa per page while the price of urdu bazaars books containing 224 Pages ,printed on low quality paper is Rs 210 ie Rs o,94 paisa per page. It is a clear proof of looting attitude by urdu bazaar Book Sellers. Hence the Good quality books of Oxford University Press are most best and cheapest than compare to books of Urdu Bazars Lahore, But unfortunately, my this report could not reach on the table of federal minister by the corrupted staff of the Ministry of Education and the agent of urdu bazaar Lahore had misplaced this important report from the Ministry of Education In this regard , I will advise to Prime Minister of Pakistan that stern action may kindly be taken against all books sellers of Urdu Bazars Lahore who are habitual of printing educational books on low quality papers and than selling the same books on most expensive rates/prices to the students.In this regard, I am submitting herewith a good Nos of proposals/suggestions to set right the working positions of Books Sellers of Urdu Bazar Lahore 1)- All Book sellers of Urdu Bazars Lahor Should deposit a cash Security of Rs 1000000/- in the govt treasury and this cash security should then be forefeated in case of found any violation of rules ®ulations framed for this purpose ie (a)- In future, no any book seller would try to publish any educational book on low quality papers (b)- In future, no any book seller will try to print any fake book of the others foreign publishers in order to deceive customers. If any book seller will try to commit this crime, He should be imprisoned for ten year along with consficating of his all properties and bank balance of the book sellers in the best interest of the Pakistan. ©- It is also observed that most of the printers are not showing their full address and phone Nos on the title pages of the books hence all such printers should be arrested under terrorism Act and such printers should be put into jails for fifteen years in order to set right their working attitude (D)- In future, all text books will be published by BOOK FOUNDATION OF PAKISTAN on good quality white papers and with decent printing and fixing of reasonable prices. On implimentations of these legal steps. The working system of all book sellers of URDU BAZARS LAHORE (E)- Similarly, the corrupted Management of ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY is also habitual of printin of text books on low quality papers and more than half pages of the books are most dimmed and it is difficult to read such defective types books as it effect the precious eyes of the students. The printers of this AIOU are not mentioning their complete name and addresses in the books in order to avoid any inquiry by FIA Department. In this regard, I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan to order FIA to conduct inquiry on this most serious complaints. And all the corrupted staff and corrupted officers of AIOU and their all PRINTERS should be arrested at once on account of most worst text books on low quality papers and non mentioning of complete name and address of the printers. All such most corrupted officers of AIOU may be terminated from services.Similarly, all the printers should be imprisoned for 15 years and their all printed machines should be forefeited in order to teach a serious lesson to all printers of Pakistan. I hope that our Prime Minister of Pakistan will surely solve the genuine problem of the students of PAKISTAN ====================================== ARTICLES WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA (Political Science) PRESS ESSAY WRITER & SOCIAL WORKER, STREET NO-10, IQBAL TOWN, RAWALPINDI-46300 CNIC NO= 61101-6446639-9 Contact NO- 051-4907432 Date- 01-06-2014

A.O.A I am the student of Electrical Engineering from UET Taxila. I am winner in Essay writings.I want to publish my writing in your newspaper. please contact me.

i want to write as a writer for daily jang news paper

i want to write as a writer for daily jang news paper

To whom it may concern i want to articulateb that i've an ability to write which i want to improve by working with the perfectionists.I hope you'll definitely guide me the way.i've also written a book which i want to promote.Will be waiting for your reply Thanks

A.O.A..i;m bilal frm qualification iz intermedite from shalimar colege..i wnt to job in jang newspaper ..plz help me nd give the job urgently..thiz iz my desire...take vare

i want to be a columnist.i have the ability to write.please guide me what to do.sabah yousaf

I like daily jang newspaper because it provide each and every news in pakistan.i am interested for home tuition adds in jang newpaper.please guide me and provide special discount for publishing news.Thanks.

please send me daily newspaper on daily basis

AOA i want to publish my poetry in your news paper. can u help me that how i will publish in your news paper.i need the way that how i will write in your paper . i will be thank full to you if u tell me the proper way kindly. i will wait for your kind reply.

madam siasutdan kidar ko ja rahy hian zarorat griajato ko fesson ki haa za laptop banty ja rhian hian zurarat longo ko rozgar ki ha za dokaney gira kar bayrozgar kairn ja rhian hian.mulik ko zorrat helectricity ki za industry bund kry ja rhay hian

A.O.A madam i real want a job and i need it. please help me

i want to wrote a article in your news paper please give me information how send you own article sent to you for publication.

kindly email me just tel. nos. of Daily Jang coloumnist. thanx

Assalamalikum! I am an A-level student at Beaconhouse School. I recently wrote an urdu poem on the contemporary situation of Pakistan for a Literary convention held at LUMS. My poem won All Pakistan urdu poem category. Now I wish to publish that poem in your newspaper. Would you please guide me with the appropriate procedure or kindly direct me with the right person to contact? Thank you in advance.

I would like to write column for Daily Jang. Who should i contact to show my writings?

Daily Jang is my favorite Newspaper because they reports each news balance and true face of the event.

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Daily Jang Lahore at Pakistan largest web and business directory. Find Daily Jang Lahore information, address, fax number and phone numbers. Submit your comments and reviews at Daily Jang Lahore

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