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Hi! i want my poetry to be published in "bazm-e-adab" section of jang newspaper. Please tell me the proceedings???

Im kiran from kahore. Jung news paper buhat acha ha. But ek complain karni ha mujhe k classified section me add jab lete hain aap logo se tou kindly unki proper info b leni chahye coz matrimonial section me log fraud kar rae hain rishto k naam pe. Koi marriage bearu nahi balkey families paise nikalwa rahe hain logo se. Kitne hi log hon ge jo hnari tarha dhoka kha chuke hon ge in se. Or ye last obe year se is news paper me add de rahe hain no change kar kar k. Please aapko inquiry karni chahye. Log betion k rishton k liye pareshan hote hain or ye larke wale is cheez pe paise nikalwa rae hain. Please meri is complain pe foori or jald notice lien. Me aap ko no bhi de sakti hon us family ka. Thanks.

i want to write poetry in your newspaper because its my passion.plz give me a chance to prove my self.

jinnah park gulberg 11 ,lhr we resident want to submit that we r facing too much problem .... sanitary and sewarage condition is miserable. we cant walk out for praying in ramzan.......too much smell comes in home.....plz r in great pain........we inform authorities of wasa again and again submitt report but they didnt pay attention.........thanks

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ======================== IT IS ANOTHER MOST POOR PERFORMANCE OF PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM ====================================== It is the another most poor performance shown by the Pakistan Cricket Team in the 3rd one day international match against Sri Lanka by losing two ODIs out of three ODIs. But in the first one day international team, the position of Sri lanka was also most strong to defeat the Pakistan but it was the weaken bowling of Maling in which ,he has given 27 runs in the last two overs and Pakistan had won the match others it was a white washed series 0-3 in the 67 years history of Pakistan hours. I have already written many Nos of articles for the last many years that the present cricket is not a well united, strong, formidable and sincere cricket team of Pakistan to play in most honestly and sincere way for the glorious and prestige for Pakistan The Main reasons of facing such shameful defeats in most of the matches are as following 1)- All the out of form coaches themselves don’t even know how to train the cricketers and how to made a strong cricket team of Pakistan. 2)- Most of the over aged Sifarishi players are out of forms and they are not fit to play good cricket even against any weaken cricket teams of the world just like Ire Land, Kenya, Canada,UAE, Afghanistan, etc 3)- Our Government of Pakistan is spending Many many millions of Rupees upon Pakistan Cricket team and their officials in the form of lucrative amount of contract, attractive facilities ,services, allotting of free residential plots , etc but in spite of this, they are also earning handsome money billions of rupees in advertisement, b y playing in the foreign cricket league, and also earning money from bookies etc 4)- That even in spite of this, they donts thank the government of Pakistan and they are always remained habitual of issuing shameful statements against the Government of Pakistan To the foreign media in the press conferences when they go oin tour in the foreign countries to play cricket matches in the foreign countries 5)- Most of the players of Pakistan cricket team are arrogant and bellicose because they insult the forign players in the cricket field and someoften they give bad words of abuses and also quarrel with them. If our Government of Pakistan should constitute a any impartial inquiry commission to conduct inquiry in this regard, and check the videos of all the crickets matched, then many nos of proofs are existed in such videos cassettes 6)- Most of the cricket plays have get long hair and they fingering in their hair at evey ball bold in the field because they are advertising of shampoo cosmatics of the manufacturing industries because they have received handsome money from such factories owners etc which is against the prescribed conduct Disciplinary Rules & Regulations framed by PCB for the cricketers players of Pakistan. (7)- Similarly, They are not paying any concentration in the field and they are habitual of showing acting in the cricket field .Then how we can expect that our Pakistan cricket team could show a good performance in the cricket field for the prestige and good name for Pakistan. (8)- Actually our selfish and greedy cricket players are most TAKABAR PASASND and greedy.They play only for earning more and more money from unfair means.They are not playing cricket for the prestige of this mother land and Islamic country of Pakistan. (9)- Some often, they are habitual of small children and young cricket fans very rigourously who approaching to them for giving congratulation.

LETTERS TO EDITOR ----------------------------- GOD HELP THOSE WHO REMEMBER HIM. ================================== It is said that GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. But by seeing the gathering of PAT and PTI approximately 20000 (Twenty Thousand) persons in front of PARLIAMENT HOUSE Islamabad for the last more than 15 days and byseeing the daily activities of both the parties ie PTI and PAT, I will say that ALLAH HELP THOSE WHO REMEMBER HIM . I am saying because of the following reasons, 1)- The workers of PTI is wasting their precious time in idols activities in dancing and singing all the night. 2)- The workers of PAT are not seeking help from great ALLAH and they have never remember ALLAH because the PAT has not arranged the recitation of QURAN round the clock at the places of DHARNA 3)- Had the PAT would have arranged the recitation of QURAN and every worker should have completed one complete KHATAM UL QURAN in three days by daily recitation of ten Nos of SIPARAS,then 21000 NOS workers x 15 NOS of Days so far x 10 Nos of recitation of Siparas by every worker divided by 30=105 000 completion of Quran would have been completed and ALLAH will surely help the people of Pakistan by revealing AAZAB upon cruel persons of Pakistan. 4)- If both DHANA parties of PAT and PTI are really sincered for the people of Pakistan, then I will advise both DHARNA parties to please end the DHARNA and go back to LAHORE and should seek help from allah and should arrange for the recitation of AL-QURAN round the clock for one year and should pray from ALLAH to save the people of allah from cruel persons of Pakistan. If all people of Pakistan have full faith on ALLAH, then ALLAH will surely help the people of Pakistan 5)- Similarly the owners and editors of our all Newspapers, press media , TV,Radio, etc should arrange for the improving of moral characters of the people of Pakistan so that a responsible conscious nation should be emerged out who can cast their votes to most honest and most excellent persons of Pakistan for the formation of a good Islamic democracy government in thisislamic country of Pakistan in future. All the people of Pakistan should note that the government is not at fault in creating of such crisis in pakistan. It is fault of the people of Pakistan who always have shown their irresponsible attitude during election by again and again casting of votes to the same corrupted, cruel and unpatriotic candidates /politicians of Pakistan in every election. If our people of Pakistan want to get out of this crises, then I will advise them to first remember ALLAH and seek help from him and should become a responsible nation anf shoulf wait for four years till next election of 2018 and then cast their vote to right and true persons of Pakistan if they really want to change the fate of Pakistan in a good faith and for a good noble cause. I think that it is one of the best way to solve the present critical situation of crises in order to save this Islamic country of Pakistan by making affirm determination of crushing all types of bad evils of crimes, corruptions, cruelties ewtc from this Islamic country of Pakistan. =============================================== ARTICLE WRITTEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR Ali KHAN ADOWALIYA MA ( Political Science) PRESS ESSAY WRITER and SOCIAL WORKER IQBAL TOWN, KHANA KAK, RAWALPINDI, RAWALPINDI-46300 CNIC-61101-6446639-9 Contact No 051-4907432 Date 28-08-2014 --------------------

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR --------------------------------- UNJUSTIFIED INCREASE BY NEPRA IN ELECTRICITY TARIFF ================================ I just heard a news on a local TV Channel that the Nepra has again increase the electricity rates at the rate of 43 paisa per unit on the requests made by all electricity companies of Wapda . Similarly, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) was also pressing to our this Islamic Government of Pakistan for increasing in the rates of Electricity tariff by 15 % more in the existing rates. But I want to ask from Chairman Wapda that why his department is increasing the tariff and illegally charging of various surcharges in the electricity bills again at again at every three or four months of intervals That wapda is also charging GOONDA TAX of NEELAM DAM SURCHARGE forcibly of many hundred of Rupees per consumer in the electricity bills. Actually Wapda is not charging this heavy GOONDA TAX surcharge for the purpose of the increasing the generation of more and more electricity but Wapda officers are wanting more and more money for fulfilling their spendthrift luxuries desires. That total yearly expenditures for fulfilling the desires of luxuries is equal to estimated expenditures of construction of 15 to 20 Nos of Dams etc If wapda increase the rates of electricity at the rate of Rs one thousand per unit, then the luxuries of corrupted Wapda officers will not ended and these most corrupted and cruel officers of Wapda will again try to increase the electricity rates more and more in future also. The Wapda officers have non intention to increase the generation of more and more electricity and they have no any intention to end the Load Shedding. The Wapda officers want to do more and more cruelty upon rightless and harmless poor consumers of Wapda. It is my a true prediction that most ctruel and corrupted officers of Wapda don’t want to finish the load shedding . It is my prediction that The Load Shedding will be prevailed in this Islamic country of Pakistan for many many thousands years in future till the day of Qiamat in this Islamic country of Pakistan However this increase in electricity tariff by the Nepra is not justified because of the following reasons 1)- The facility of the Electricity is one of the most essential need for the people of this Islamic country of Pakistan just like Water hence it is the responsibility of the Government of this Islamic country of pakistan to provide this facility to the people of Pakistan at the nominal rates just like the selling of water at nominal rate to the water consumers . 2)- That the corrupted officers of Wapda has always imposed and levied many Nos of illegal charges in the electricity bills and now our wapda consumers are paying their electricity bills at the rate of Rs 18/- to Rs 30/- per month. Please let me know what are the aims of Wapda officers . I think that they want to enjoying happiness by giving grteat tension to wapda consumers and they want to kill wapda consumers 3)- Electricity can be produced at very very low generating cost around Rs 1/- per unit just like countries of Iran, Bahrin.Kuwait etc then why electricity is being sold to wapda consumers on highest rates 4)- If it is the harsh policy of our Islamic government of Pakistan in allowing Wapda and Nepra officers to do cruelty upon Wapda consumers, then I will advise all the cruel officers of Wapda and Nepra to at least fear from the SEVERE AAZAB OF THE ALLAH which can be revealed very soon upon them and all the cr

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ----------------------------------- NEW PCB CHAIRMAN ================= Shahar Yar Muhammad Khan is elected unopposed New PCB Chairman . It was hope that he would re-organized & set right the most worst working system of PCB anf the cricket and also would promote the cricket at a top position in the world but his first day statement to Pakistan press has dishearted the cricket fans and the peole of Pakistan by saying that he would favour the present out of form , unpatriotic and SIFARISHI cricket players of Pakistan. The press statement given by new PCB Chairman can not be applauded and appreciated in any way.It means that he don’t want to make a strong cricket team by giving chances to new young blood best cricketers of Pakistan educational institions of Pakistan because he want the monopoly of the bellicose, arrogant , unpatriotic ,out of forms players of Pakistan who have no intention to play cricket in most sincered way for Pakistan. Our cricket players are not good ambassador for Pakistan. Our govt of Pakistan are giving them lucrative pay and facilities and even allotment of residential plots million of rupees but in spite odf this m, our cricket players are habitual of giving press statement against Pakistan govt while they are on foreign tours and they are also receiving millions of rupees/dollars from bookies for fixing and loosing the cricket matches ir by fixing the matches for themselves defeats. Now next World Cup Cricket 2015 is drawing very near ands all cricket teams are doing practice since one year ago .Now a few months have been left of commencing of world Cup Cricket 2015 but chairman PCB Pakistan has not yet planned for the reorganization of a well balance team who can try to win the next world cup but it is seemed that PCB is not considering this most important matter In m ost seriously way. In the light of the above mentioned facts, I will advise to Chairman PCB to pay attention on this most important matter on top priority basis and should prepare a well balance team consisting of young cricketers of educational institutions for winning the world cup In order to florish the good name of Pakistan. When private team of Irelands can show good performance in the world cups matches, then our new cricket team can surely be showed a good performance in the next world cup. If our chairman as usual has preserved the same cricket team of out of form sifarishi players, then it is my prediction well before time that our this out of form cricket team can not win the world cup cricket 2015. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTICLE WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR Ali KHAN ADOWA PRESS ESSAY WRITER & SOCIAL WORKER HOUSE-5, STREET-10.IQBAL TOWN, KHANA KAK, RAWALPINDI-46300 PHONE 051-4907432 DATE 24-08-2014 ===============================

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ------------------------------------- A GREAT TRIBUTE TO MOST PATRIARCH AND GREAT SQUASH PLAYER HASHIM KHAN ==================================== I & my all others true Pakistani peoples are paying a great respect, honour and tribute to a great legendary and patriarch well reputed world class squash player HASHIM Khan who recently died of congestive cardiac arrest on breaking hours of Tuesday in America where he and his all family members were living in America since 1960 .He was 100 years old but in spite of this, he was still slightly active point point of physical health because he was a great sportsman because of doing continuously practice of daily physical exercises. Although he was slightly week because of old age but still ,he had maintained a daily routing of a short morning walk. In 1956,when I was a student of NJV High School & SM College Karachi, I used to read the sports news of all games of cricket, hockey, football, table tennis, squash etc in English newspapers, I first read the news of Hashim Khan because he had not only flourished the name of Pakistan on the top in all countries of the world by winning seven times British open title from 1951 to 1958 but also had informed the world that there are existing great players of all games in pakistan who can defeat all the teams of all the games of the world. Although he was an unofficial player when he was 37,he had won his first British open title in 1951 by defeating a great squash champion MUHAMMAD ALKARIM of Egypt by obtaining points 9-5,9-0,9-0, but at later stage, he was given a great respect and honour by the government of Pakistan and all the sportsfans and Pakistan people of every walk of the life. Hashim Khan had won his last 7th British open title in 1958 when he was 44 years old.He then retired from this game because of weak stamina. However ,his others family members, relatives and grand generation have maintain the supremacy championship in the game of squash for further many many years It is also a great honour for Pakistan that all the family members of Hashim Khan have maintained the supremacy in the game of squase for more than 60 years and it is the only family of the world whose all members have won 43 Nos of British open titles in addition to others championship titles.eg 1- His younger brother Azim Khan had won four Nos British open title. 2- His cousin ROSHIN KHAN had won one No of British open Title 3- Similarly his nephew MOHIBULLAH KHAN had won one No of British open title 4- His cousin son Jehangir Khan has TEN nos of titles in a row upto 1980 and as such, the family of great Hashim Khan has maintained the dynasty by winning many nos of maximum titles in the game of squash. 5- The total Nos of winning of British titles are more than 23 in the credit of Hashim Khan family. ------------------------------------------------------- Hashim Khan then shifted in America in 1960 when he was offered a post of couch on lucrative numerations and facilities. Since then, he was residing there in USA with his family when he breathed his last on dated 19 th Aug 2014 Hashim Khan had performed a great role by giving incredible and most appreciating surprising and everlasting performance in the games of squash and he is really a great benefactor who had flourished and illuminated the name of the this Islamic country of Pakistan on the climax stage of the world . Hence I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan that as a token of recognition of his most excellent and super performance services in the game of squash , at least three Nos of Special Squash Sports Complexes cum Academies may be constructed in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar in m

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ======================= SHAMEFUL DEFEAT -------------------------- Sri Lanka Cricket Team has again defeated Pakistan Cricket Team in the 2nd cricket test at Colombo by 106 Runs and as such, the Sri Lanka Team has made a clean sweep to defeat Pakistan in both cricket test matches very easily only because of most wonderful performance made by well reputed spinner Rangana Herath who got nine wickets in the first innings and five wickets in the 2nd innings and his total figure in the 2nd test remained 14 wickets by giving 124 + 57 – 181 Runs . It is worth mentioning to note that the Sri Lanka team was a weakest team in this two test matches series only except four most experienced crickters of Sri Lanka ie Sangara, Wardaney, Mathews, and Hearath while our Pakistan cricket team was a strong cricket team because of All Rounders players upto tail ends but it is wonder that why our Cricket Team has faced a such Shameful defeat in the 67 years history of good performance of the Pakistan Cricket team in the past. The reasons are the following 1)- All players of our Pakistan team are not sincered and pariotics.they play only for money but not play for their mother country of Pakistan. 2)- the players are not obeying the rules and regulations of discipline. 3)- Most of the players are SHIFARISHI 4)- they are showing their personal acting in the field and don’t pay concentration in the field for example ------------------------------------------------------- (a)- some Nos of players have kept long hair and they are fingering in their hair at every ball. (b)- some NOS of bowlers of our Pakistan cricket team have made contract with cosmetic companies of shampoo makers hence they are showing the publicity of the shampooing factories by combing and fingering in their oily hair after every ball bowled in the field. ©- Some Nos of players are bellicose and they are habitual of always quarrelling with others players of the host teams. (d)- Although our govt of Pakistan has granted many Nos of attractive contract money , granting of free plots to players, and others facilities of millions of Rupees but in spite of this, some Nos of greedy players are receiving trillion dollars from the bookie for adopting NOORA KUSHTI SHOW in the field for making self defeat (e)- Some Nos of players are habitual of giving press statements to the foreign press reporters against Pakistan in order to defame the good reputation of Pakistan and even all most corrupted officers of Pakistan Cricket Board are fully involved in all such bad activities but in spite of this, our government of Pakistan has not taken any drastic action against persons at fault (F)- Similarly, our most of the cricket players become so proudest (TAKABER PASAND) that they are habitual of beating the cricket fans very furiously in red and blue and specially young boys who approach to them for taking autograph or come for congratulating them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (5)- Hence in the light of the abovementioned facts, I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan to terminate all the corrupted officers of Cricket board and undisciplined players of the cricket team at once in the best interest of this country and form a new Pakistan Cricket Board and appoint Hanif Muhammad ,one of the most honest, patriotic cricketer as the chairman of the PCB. 6)- A new cricket team be formed of new blood young players of the educational institutions of Pakistan. The young players ranging ages of 20 years to 32 years can be proved most excellent and good players of Pakistan in

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ======================= LONG MARCH ARRANGEMENT IN FUTURE --------------------------------------------------------- In any type of Democracy government, the long march is always remained a routine type of expressing the people greivances in the form of protestation.But a seperate ground should be allocated for this purpose in Islamabad along with big residing Halls,toilets, clinic, Water Cooler, hotels etc for arrangement of 10000 persons of the processions ..It is most necessary for the arrangement of a seperate place for gathering for the held of political meetings etc. Similarly such meeting ground of Islamabad can be used for thew holding of TABLIGHI IJTUMAH and so many others purposes. I am saying this because of the following reasons 1)- In the past, it is observed in Islamabad that many Nos of gatherings /religious and political meetings had been held in the populated areas of islamabad in blue area and others parts of Islamabad for two or three days consisting of many thousands of the participants 2)- But after ending of such gathering meetings , the bad smelt spread and remained there because of insufficient arrangement of sanitation and the residents of nearby /adjacents areas are facing such bad situations for many days. 3)- That epidemics diseases can be spread afterward. 4)- That Terrorists can be entered in islamabad inside such processsion of long march etc . 5)- The security of Islamabad is also become most upsetted. 6)- That sealing of Islamabad can also creates many Nos of problems for the residents of Islamabad 7)- The business and others offices works become badly affected as well as financial losses of million of Rupees per day. In thew light of the abovementioned dacts, i am of the views that our government shouldallocate a seperate grounf for such political and religious pirposes and arrangements of many nos of useful facities etc so that problems of sanitation and spreading of diseases should not arosed as well as business should not be affected in islamabad and we should arrange a good security plan in order to stop every way of enteringof tewrrorists in Islamabad and we should save Islamabad at every cost ============================================= ARTICLE WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA Political Science PRESS ESSAY WRITER IQBAL TOWN, RAWALPINDI -46300 DATE 15-08-2014 .

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR --------------------------------- RELEASE OF GULU BUTT ON BAIL ============================== I have just heard a breaking news on a local TV Channel that GULU BUTT, a police tout of Faisel and Model police stations, has been released on bail by the model town court. Although it is still a court case and hence I don’t want to offer my any comment on this issue till finalization of court preceedings but I will advise to GULU BUTT to feel fear from ALLAH and should pass a peaceful life in future and should avoid to do any bad act with any citizen of Pakistan . I hope that now Gulu Butt (Iliyas) will become a good and law obeying citizen of Pakistan and would pass a peaceful life in future. Similarly, the honourable court will also issue a strict warning to GULU BUTT to avoid to tease others citizens of Pakistan for a period of ten years upto year 2025. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commented by RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA ( Political Science) PRESS ESSAY WRITER Iqbal Town, Rawalpindi, 46300 Date 12-08-2014 ======================

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR --------------------------------- WHY AGAIN INCREASING IN ELECTRICITY TARIFF ? ======================================= A most unpleasant news is again appeared in all english newspapers of Pakistan that chairman wapda and all chief executives of the Electricity Companies have submitted applications to Chairman Nepra for the granting of permission in increasing the electricity rates of Rs 7/- per unit. I think that it is a cruelsome act and unjustified decision made by Wapda officers because of the following reasons 1)- For Middle class peoples, (who are using around 300 to 400 units per month and are paying electricity bills of Rs 6000 /- to Rs 8000/- at the rates of Rs 20/- per unit including nine Nos of various Taxes, Surcharges, Duties etc, ) it will create many problems for them on increasing of rates of electricity upto 50 % and even more upto 70 % because of low earning of monthly income and hence, they will be compelled to get disconnected their electricity connections for ever and would like to live without electricity facility. 2)- That if wapda increase the rates of Electricity upto Rs one thousand per unit, then the luxuries spendthrift ( SHAHI FASOOL KHURCHIAN ) of CRUEL OFFICERS OF WAPDA will also not be sufficient for WAPDA OFFICERS and they will always demand to raise the electricity rates more and more and even above Rs ten thousand per unit because Wapda has now adopted a bad aim to give more and more mental worries to the Wapda consumers in order to suppressed and kill the basic rightless people of Pakistan 3)- It is my prediction that Load Shedding can not be ended by Wapda till day of QIAMAT but it is also observed that there is not observed LOAD SHEDDING in the OFFICERS COLONIES OF WAPDA 4)- Now our government has started a project for generating of electricity of 1060 mw from coal but it producing expenditures will be Rs 17/- per unit and it will be sold to consumers at the rate of around Rs 30/- per unit but who will purchase this electricity ? because wapda consumers of middle class can not afford to purchase such expensive electricity 5)- EVEN today , most cheapest electricity can be produced at the rate of less than Rs 1/- from soler system, windwheel, bio gases, heated sand , canal water, Persian wells at a small scales . these all formulas are well explained in the old books of physics written by Indian authors during years 1950 6)- When I was a student of SIND MUSLIM SCIENCE COLLEGE KARACHI in 1960, There was one of the most intelligent old aged professor of Physic s and Electronic name SYED HAZOOR –UL-HASAN ZAIDI.In those days, One day,while taking period of my class, he was discussing about KENUP Plant in which electricity was producing by breaking one item of metal rod at the rate of one Takka ( two paisas) per unit ie 32 units per Rupee. 7)- But our most experienced professor of Physics SYED HAZOOR UL HASAN ZAIDI had declared it one of the most expensive electricity at that time. he had stated in his lecture that Electricity can be generated even in most cheapest rates and more less than nominal rates per unit than that of producing by KENUP. 8)- He had mentioned that there are many sources of ways to produce most cheapest electricity at the rate of 100 units per paisa. 9)- But the useful notes of his all lectures delivered by the prominent professor has been damaged and completely destroyed by book worms (DEEMAK) in my LAL Quarter officially house G 6/2 Islamabad because Islamabad is such a place where many millions book worms are existed in every house and every nook hence most precious books are not safe in Islamabad. 10)- However , there are still existed most in

LETTERS TO EDITOR ---------------------------- VOICES OF THE PEOPLE ===================== A GREAT MUSLIM WOMAN OF THE WORLD ---------------------------------------------------------- I have just heart a good news on a local TV Channel that A great Pakistan born muslim woman SAEEDA WARISI, who was the Member of of British Parliament and also the Minister of British Government has resigned from his seat as a token of severe protest made against the Israel Government on account of bloody AIR attack upon innocent Palestine and killed 1837 palestine including young infants etc. Although ISRAEL is a small country and muslim countries can teach him a serious lesson to Israel but Israel is being supported by the super power countries. However SAEEDA WARISI is a great, bold and true Pakistani muslim woman and I think that she is perhaps the first women who has made one most impressive and bold protest on killing of 2000 innocents Palestine peoples including small children by the Israel Government Hence I appreciate and pay a great tribute to this great women and salute to her on performing a good noble act for a good cause in favour of Palestine people. She has really set up a good example in this regard .hence Our others muslim countries should learn this moral lesson and should adopt for doing such good noble causes for the protection of muslim people of others countries otherwise Israel will kill all muslims of the world if our muslims remain silent in future I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan to confer a great civil award of HILAL -E-PAKISTAN to this great women SAEEDA WARISI on account of performing a good noble cause. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTICLE WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA POLITICAL SCIENCE . PRESS ESSAY WRITER & SOCIAL WORKER HOUSE-5, STREET-10, IQBAL TOWN, KHANA KAK, RAWALPINDI-46300 DATE 05-08-2014 -------------------------------------------------------------

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ======================== THINK BEFORE LEAP --------------------------- A news is appeared in a sectin of leading newspaper of pakistan that our islamic government of Pakistan is purchasing the ancestral house of Dilip Kumar (M.YOUSIF ) in peshawar at a huge price of Rs 85 Millions of Rupees. I wonder that why our Govt of Pakistan has decided to purchase the ancestral house of DILIP KUMAR in Peshawar. He is still living in mumbai since 1924 .he has not changed his filmi name dilip kumar in an islamic name.He has never made any protestion on the sad and repeated incidents of killing of muslims of india and kashmir.he has not protested on the incident of demolition of Babri Masjid.He has never helped Pakistan . Now our Islamic govt of Pakistan is purchasing his house in peshawar at a price of Rs 85 Millions while this huge amount can be spended on the welfare works for the peoples of Pakistan. further more ,our religion Islam has not allowed to spend the money in useless and idle works. Hence I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan to kindly think before leap and should not decide hurry for the purchasing of the house of Dilip Kumar in Peshawar. because there are many Nos of indian good actors and actress who belonged to Pakistan For example Suraiya was a great muslim actress and singer of the sub continent of Indo Pakistan before partition, She was borned in GUJRANWALA and she had helped many Nos of muslims of india and foreign countries. She had always made protestion to the govt of india over the sad incidents of the killing of the innocents muslims in india .She also had made protestion on the sad incident of demolition of BABRI MASJID by the antimuslim and cruel persons of india because she was a true muslim woman and she had always done a good nos of welfare works for the muslim community in india. . I think that Suraiya was a good muslim film actress of india who had always helped the muslims at the time of crisis/need etc. Hence it is better that our govt should purchase the ancestral house of Surraiya of Gujranwala in stead of dilip kumar in Peshawar. I hope that our great muslim leader Nawaz Sharif Sahib, the Prime Minister of Pakistan will think and ponde over the matter very well before leap and will made a good decision on this matter and will avoid to purchase the house of Dilip Kumar in Peshawar and will spend/utilised this huge amount of money of 85 Millions for the welfare works of the peoples of this Islamic country of Pakistan . ============================================ Commented by a great thinker of Pakistan, RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA ( POLITICAL SCIENCE) PRESS ESSAY WRITER & SOCIAL WORKER IQBAL TOWN, RAWALPINDI DATE 2-8-2014

UNJUSTIFIED TOOL TAXES ---------------------------------- The NHA has refused to reduce the rates of tool taxes even in spite of serious protest made by the members of national assembly and the members of the standing committee Of National Assembly.It is said that Chairman NHA has get passed the summary of increase in the tool taxes directly from Prime Minister of Pakistan without the notice of National Assembly. Generally the tool taxes are collected for the repairing of motorways,highways and bridges over rivers and canal and ten times sufficient amount are earned per year than compare to 10 % expenditures on the repairing of national highways roads and bridges and remaining amount is being kept in reserved account for the completion of major types projects in future But here , it is observed in this Islamic country of Pakistan that the relatives and friends of sourceful politicians and members of parliaments have set up illegally tool taxes plaza at every five to ten miles on the highway and earning amount of tool taxes are not being deposited in the government account but they gulp such amount. Now long journey by road in private or rented cars from Islamabad to Lahore,Multan, Sukkur, Karachi, Quetta etc is now become most expensive than compare the fares of planes and trains It should be note by the Government of Pakistan that Most of the people of Pakistan are not made intercity journey For entertainments purpose, but they made intercity journeys for the emergency purpose ie for seeing their relatives patients or for attending jinaza of their death relatives . It is also observed that the working staff at tool tax plaza are of goond type and arrogant type persons. Some often they break the wind screens of the cars.Such type of goonda gardi can not be tolerated by income taxes payees citizens of Pakistan. Hence in the light of the abovementioned facts, it is most necessary to improve the working system of all tool plazas in Pakistan . in this connection, The following suggestions are most useful for the improving of the working system of tool plazas. 1)- There should be made 10 Nos of Tool plazas from karachito Peshawar at every 100 Miles of distance. 2)- All the plazas should be computerized and they should issue authentic receipts to the vehicles owners. 3)- Drastic action should be taken against all unathorised and bogus tool plazas on the highway 4)- SEALED boxes of complaints boxes should be erected at all complaints boxes for dropping complaints in the boxes by the vehicles owners. 5)- well educated of good moral characters employees should be posted at tool plazas. I hope that by adopting the abovementioned suggestions , the working system of tool plazas will be improved to some extent. ---------------------------------------------------- ARTICLE WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA (POLITICAL SCIENCE) PRESS ESSAY WRITER (Since 1957) Street-10, Iqbal Town, Khana Kak, Rawalpindi-46300 Date 01-08-2014

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AJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWAL • a minute ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by ARY NEWS. Most shocking incident of Model Town of Dated 17th June 2014 . But WHO IS AT FAULT ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Readers, It is one of the most complicated matters and this matter is now become a court matter, Hence at presently, It is not better to offer my comments on this most sensible and complicated matter in respect of COURT proceeding I will offer my comments on this sensible and complicated matter after the completion of court proceeding If I remain alive uptil that time. However I will request to all people of Pakistan that they should improve their characters and should fear from the AZZAB of the Allah which can reveal at any time in future in order to set right the moral characters of all the people of Pakistan. The earth quake of 2004 in Islamabad was an indication warning from the ALLAH that all people of Pakistan should fear from ALLAH and they should avoid from all bad activities in order to harming any person of Pakistan But in spite of this, The people of pakistan are not improving their moral character because I am of the views that without improving the moral characters of all the people of Pakistan, we can not become civilised, God fearing and good citizens of Pakistan and hence without making themselves good citizens of this Islamic country of Pakistan, we can not solve our all problems of Pakistan and can not develop this islamic country of Pakistan .Hence without not improving the moral characters of the peoples themeselves and refrain from all sins and evil, the revealing of 2nd AAZAB of the ALLAH can be revealed at any time in future .I think that it will be most severed AAZAb of the Allah and after this 2nd AAZAB of the ALLAH , A real Islamic country of Pakistan will be came into existence. I hope that all people of Pakistan will improve therir moral character and all peole of Pakistan will try to become a true, muslim and responsible citizens of this Islamic country of Pakistan so that we should maintained INSANIYAT in this Islamic country of Pakistan. All crimes should be crushed in order to made it a peaceful country of Pakistan and also a prosperous and developed country of the world. Thanking you in anticipation Your most sincerely friend RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA (Political Science) PRESS ESSAY WRITER since 1957 Iqbal Town, RAWALPINDI-46300 Date 11-07-2014 =============== • Edit•Share › Powered by Disqus Subscribe Add Disqus to

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ======================= EARN TRILLION OF DOLLARS BY ENCOURAGING FOOTBALL TEAM OF LIYARI …………………………………………………………………………………….. My father RAJA LASHKAR ALI KHAN was shifted in Karachi along with his family in 1915.Hence my whole life was passed in Karachi upto 1970. My Father was remained Inspector of police sind CID KARACHI from 1915 upto 1954.He died of Heart failure in March 1960 and was buried in Mewa Shah Grave yards Karachi. In those days we lives in PIR JAINDAL SHAH BUILDING RAGHO STREET RAM SWAMY KARACHI.Hence I go to every Thursday in Mewa Shah grave yard on foot.I go on one way from Gandhi Garden to Mewa Shah through Pakistan Qtrs link Road and then come back through another way of Jamila street to my home in Ramswamy. On the way, there was existed a FOOT BALL Ground in which young MAKARANI Boys were used to pLaying football matches in most decently ways and I am of the views that these young boys are the best players of the world and if our govt of pakistan should encourage such best players of the FOOT BALL team.because these players can earned sufficient amount of foreign exchange which can be utilized for the development of Pakistan and specially the development of ignored areas of liyari and adjacent areas . HENCE I will request to Prime Minister of Pakistan that a best team of foot ball may kindly be made of these MAKRANI young players. I thing thast our FOOT BALL team will florish the name of Pakistan by winning all the FOOT ball matches and will earn trillions dollars for Pakistan because it is the only game of the world in which good numerations and prizes of billion of Rupees are being distributed every years . I hope that our Muslim league GOVERNMENT WILL CONSIDER THIS PROBLEM AND WILL REDRFESS ALL THE GREIVANCES OF THE AREA OF Liyari of Karachi by forming an independent association of BOARD of FOOT BALL ASSOCIATION OF PAKISTAN WHOSE MEMBERS Should be selected from the well educated persons of Liyari and ex footballers of LIYARI …………………………………………………………… ARTICLES WRITEN BY RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA MA (POLITICALSCIENCE) PRESS ESSAY WRITER & SOCIAL WORKER IQBAL TOWN RAWALPINDI-46300 DAT 01=06=2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ===================== SUBJECT, MOST EXPENSIVE & DEFECTIVE BOOKS =============================== This is in reference of a letter of ANUM ZAHRA which appeared in your DAILY PAKISTAN OBSERVER Dated 01-06-2014 and also appeared in a section of others leading newspapers of Pakistan. In this regard I had already sent a detailed report to my old friend Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah ,federal Minister of Education alongwith suggestions for improving of working position of books sellers perhaps 25 years ago for taking drastic action against all the Books sellers of Urdu bazaar Lahore who are habitual of printing of schools &colleges on most inferior papers even worst than news papers of Pakistan and whose printing is also not satisfactory at all. if we compare the prices urdu bazaar Books with prices of OXFORD university press Books than it will be revealed that Urdu bazaars books are really most expensive than the books of oxford University press Books For example the price of OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNERS DICTIONARY (Containing 1584 Pages on good quality white paper) is Rs600/- ie Rs 0.37 Paisa per page while the price of urdu bazaars books containing 224 Pages ,printed on low quality paper is Rs 210 ie Rs o,94 paisa per page. It is a clear proof of looting attitude by urdu bazaar Book Sellers. Hence the Good quality books of Oxford University Press are most best and cheapest than compare to books of Urdu Bazars Lahore, But unfortunately, my this report could not reach on the table of federal minister by the corrupted staff of the Ministry of Education and the agent of urdu bazaar Lahore had misplaced this important report from the Ministry of Education In this regard , I will advise to Prime Minister of Pakistan that stern action may kindly be taken against all books sellers of Urdu Bazars Lahore who are habitual of printing educational books on low quality papers and than selling the same books on most expensive rates/prices to the students.In this regard, I am submitting herewith a good Nos of proposals/suggestions to set right the working positions of Books Sellers of Urdu Bazar Lahore 1)- All Book sellers of Urdu Bazars Lahor Should deposit a cash Security of Rs 1000000/- in the govt treasury and this cash security should then be forefeated in case of found any violation of rules ®ulations framed for this purpose ie (a)- In future, no any book seller would try to publish any educational book on low quality papers (b)- In future, no any book seller will try to print any fake book of the others foreign publishers in order to deceive customers. If any book seller will try to commit this crime, He should be imprisoned for ten year along with consficating of his all properties and bank balance of the book sellers in the best interest of the Pakistan. ©- It is also observed that most of the printers are not showing their full address and phone Nos on the title pages of the books hence all such printers should be arrested under terrorism Act and such printers should be put into jails for fifteen years in order to set right their working attitude (D)- In future, all text books will be published by BOOK FOUNDATION OF PAKISTAN on good quality white papers and with decent printing and fixing of reasonable prices. On implimentations of these legal steps. The working system of all book sellers of URDU BAZARS LAHORE (E)- Similarly, the corrupted Management of ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY is also habitual of printin of text books on low quality papers and more than half pages of the books are most dimmed and it is difficult to read such defective types books as it effect the precious eyes of the students. The printers of this AIOU are not mentioning their complete name and addresses in the books in order to avoid any inquiry by FIA

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