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ICSI Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples (Pvt.) Ltd..

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ICSI Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples - Serving The Infertile Couple - He desire to have a baby is one of life's most important and exciting decisions. we help make that dream a reality for thousands of couples every year. We are proud to be affiliated with the Centers of Assisted Reproduction UK. Our expertise and vast resources enable us to offer you the most effective new procedures and technologies available in infertility treatment today. As you continue on your path to parenthood, ICSI's resources and experience may help you to achieve your dream.

Other Information
Legal Representative / CEO: Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Medical Director
Category: Infertility Cure Clinics
Contact Information
Contact Person: Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Medical Director
Company: ICSI Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples (Pvt.) Ltd..
Address: Saudi Pak Tower, 1st Floor, Low Rise, 61-A, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Punjab (Capital), Pakistan
Telephone 1: 92-51-2800256
Telephone 2: 92-51-2800258
Fax: N/A
Mobile Number: 92-51-2800256
I want to testify of what DR EKA ( did for me and my hubby.we have been married since 2007 without a sign of pregnancy. I went off birth control then and did not have a period. my gyro gave me progesterone to jump-start a period and it did., but I did not have another one. we did another round of progesterone followed by 100mg clomid for 5 months, we followed all doctors instructions but all to no avail. I have been buying ovulation kits pregnancy test AND i finally got 3 tests when i was ovulating! So ever since that we have been trying for years now! Well i was very confused because i keep taking ept test AND they all keep turning out to be negative! I really want a baby girl while my hubby wants a baby boy LOLL! I think maybe we are just trying so hard, what i can tell you is that it’s been so many years now and i still yet do not have my period??Nobody to help because everybody around us was already at the verge of losing their faith on us. no were to run to until one faithful day i was reading a magazine and i stumble on a page were i found topic or a head line {A SPELL CASTER} who can heal someone or, bring back your EX,enlarge your BREAST, help you win a VISA LOTTERY, losing your WEIGHT and even get six PACKS AND flatten your BELLY,I gave her a try and before i could no it DR EKA rescued me from my problem by casting a spell for me and told me to go and make love with my hubby,then i did, and after nine months i delivered a baby BOY . after all this , i said to myself that i wont just testify on line, but make the whole world see and hear of he. This spell caster name is DR EKA. So many people have witness his wonderful work.he is nice, contact him on ( if you are in any predicament email him immediately without doubts Thanks so very much!! DR EKA.

Sir I am now in peshawar and rmc hispital refer to u for ivf My wife is 38 year old with two time sessirion How% will be sucss the ivf And also i want to now the exact cost of ivf I am waiting please as soon as posible to u are comments

Sir I am now in peshawar and rmc hispital refer to u for ivf My wife is 38 year old with two time sessirion How% will be sucss the ivf I am waiting please as soon as posible to u are comments

Sir I am now in peshawar and rmc hispital refer to u for ivf My wife is 38 year old with two time sessirion How% will be sucss the ivf I am waiting please as soon as posible to u are comments

If u want Total expense for Ivf = 4 Lakhs with medicines.we have already done the procedure...its good and successful..Masha Allah

Sir m married for 3 years and i have endometriosis.i have undergone surgery 4 months back.m still unable to doc has advisedme ivf.kindly tell me the expenses and procedure of ivf. Looking forward to your response. Regards, Rabia jamal.

Sir meri shadi ko 18 saal ho gayee sallon m main nay kabi ek bar b consive nahi kya...mri ek tube band hay aur eggs ka size chota hota hay....main nay Australian concept karachi say ivf karwaya hay....magr two eggs lenayy k baad b result nahi aya....bht kharcha b hwa...hum lower middle class say hain bht mushkil say itnay pessay jama kye..ap mashwra dain ab kya karon...

salam sir, i want to know the expenses of ivf...i want to do it as early as possible...may be jst after eid..waiting for ur kind reply.. thanks

salam sir, i want to know the expenses of ivf...i want to do it as early as possible...may be jst after eid..waiting for ur kind reply.. thanks

Expanses of ivf please guid me

ICSI is helpful in the most severe male factor cases, where there are ; Insufficient number of available sperms or severe Oligozoospermia. Insufficient number of normal sperms orTeratozoospermia, Low grade sperm motility or Asthenozoospermia, Obstructive Azoospermia or Blockage in epididymis or vas deferans. Congenital absence of epdidymis or vas deferans. Anti-sperm antibodies, Failure of fertilisation.

I m pco patient as well my husband sperm count is poor so suggest me that my treatment is available?

Is there any branch of icsi in Peshawar kindly guide us

Sir i wanted to confirm that do you assist the patients of PCO's at your clinic? While the low count of husband? And what are the chances of them getting conceive? I am 28years and my husband is 34years old. I will be waiting for you mail.

Sir I want to know the cost of gender selection for a boy plz tell me

Respected Sir, I have been diagnosed as azospermia at your laboratory, I have repeated this test two time before I come to your laboratory. Sir i m a ms graduate and have a grip over miicrobiology knowledge. I have been informed that icsi process cost is 4 lac, 10 thousand for biopsy and 15 thousand for sperm freezing. problem s i have only 3 lacs. if you will allow me to give remaining amount in installments than you will give me a great relief. sir i belong to a very poor family and if you will give me a task to serve at your center than i am also available for that but allow me to do treatment at your center. i have consult with hamid latif hospital who has charges only 250,000 and australian with 325,000 but my trust on you as you have the best from all aspects. can you please do me favor with the conditions as i alredy mentioned. thanking you in anticipation best regards M shakil

Sir I want to knw the expenses of ivf treatment. ....I had an ectopic 2 yrs back nd my right fallopian tube has been removed. .......waiting for the reply

Hlw sir... its my 7th day of embryo transfer. Nd i check on pregnancy stick. Nd stick shows only one line. Kia stick py 7th day my a jata ha or not. Plz reply me i m tensd.

sir i want to know about the expensive of Anti mullein hormone there any special requirement for this test.

Plz dr tell me expenses of iui treatment.

sir i want to know the expenses of ivf. plz reply me

This clinic is equipped with all the diagnostic tools required to assess the cause of infertility and provides all the solutions available in the most advanced clinics in the world. The Medical Director of Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples was trained in leading infertility clinics including Northamptonshire Fertility Service in United Kingdom and is now a visiting consultant in Kuwait. This clinic is equipped to provide all the diagnostic procedures and the latest techniques in assisted reproduction currently available. The aim of the clinic is to provide a success rate comparable to the best clinics in the world

pls sir tell me,about vf

Assalaam u alaikum sir I m 34years old seven years of married life several times my wife 28YEARS old now concieved and miscarriage last year both tubes was removed due to ectopic pregnancies now what u suggested for us we dont have any baby n I want to become father

I need some info about ICSI, it will be appreciated if send me info that is given below 1- expected price 2- % chance to get pregnant Thanks

AOA, i had conducted Icsi a Islamabad about 2.5 years ago, but that could not succeed, now i want all my record maintained under the file no. 07658. kindly let me know the procedure for that. Best Regards Robina Akhtar

dr i have problm with my ovulation it does nt occur m married from 3 years i want to ask ivf is suitable for me

Dear Sir, My wife did a lot of treatment for getting pregnant in Pakistan as well in Afghanistan, finally after laparoscopy and other tests we were told by Doctors that both fallopian tubes of my wife are blocked and they said the only treatment is to go for IVF operation and they recommended that since both of you are young age you can get positive results, attached please find the complete report of our tests we did during our treatment please review and provide me the following information. 1. How long it takes to start and finalize this treatment. 2. What is the success percentage base on attached report? 3. What time we should approach clinic (which date of the period) 4. What will be the final total cost of this operation in your hospital? 5. Attached please find tests we did with Regards Bashir (Mazar-e-sharif), Afghanistan 0093- 70868053 - 00923005937625

sir, it have been five years after my wedding, but haven't conceived ever. my husband had a low count but his recent tests are normal. I visited Australian concept infertility medical centre Karachi, and dr. javaid did my lap as he diagnosed me PCOs. but I couldn't continue his treatment due to some domestic problems. then I visited Dr. zeenat and Dr. adalat at the family clinic Islamabad. they conducted some initial investigations and started clomid cycles I took two cycles but unsuccessful. she gave me very positive response, and discussed my case at your clinic as well. and suggested me to visit your clinic possible for an IUI initially. so please let me know when an appointment may be available and how much time my treatment would take, as I and my husband have to take leave. and also iam from Balochistan, so visiting Islamabad is very difficult. thanks a lot.

aoa'i have 4 kids [girls].I am now looking fpr gender selection younger kid is 1 year old.we both partner are carier of thalassemia minor and we do cvs on every child .so we are asking that either u will do test for thalsemia on embryo like down syndrome or not .and when we wil come we want to take chance june.

hi sir maira msg dr nasim ashraf tak pounchaya jae hum last time un k pas ae thy uno nai hmy icsi treatment ki advise di the or 4 month ka time diya tha k ic time main hm rabta kry gy or ap ka traetment ho ga icsi foundation falahee ki tref sai to plz btae k 4 month kb k ho chuky hain hmara treatment kbb ho ga

Salam I have a couple of questions. I have had ovarian drilling and have been on clomid etc. Now my only hope is ivf and I want it done at your clinic. I will be coming to pakistan in july for 2 months and I was thinking maybe I can come and see you when I come from the uk. Please tell me how long the process would take and how much it will cost me for the complete treatment and if I can make a appointment to see you before I come! I will travel on the 10th july

I hv concievd 15 years back i hv a baby . This is my second marriage i didnt concive through my hsg test l knw mu fallopian tubes blokd. I m 35 years old. Can i concieve throigh ivf n how does it cost plz reply.

i want to work ..

Dear sir, i was referred by dr saad rana. I had three embryos at blast stage. however none of them implanted. my age is 41. im stuck at what to do next. The transfers were done at your hospital, but as of yet i have no answers. Do i have any hope of ever conceiving or am i just wasting my time. Thankyou

dear sir: this is Dr Abdull hadi pooyesh from Afghanistan , I am 32 and my wife is 30 , we have three daughter the first be come normal but the procedure was complicated and she got laceration grade four and the tow more were born by Cesarian . all three child is daughter and my wife desire a boy child , I am looking for a center that can separate Y chromosome and fertilizer it . if it is possible in your center or anther center in Pakistan please answer me

Do u offer surrugacy.... If yes then wat about the surugate mother..... Do u arange the mother or we hav to?

Was diagnosed azoospermia after biopsy in 2000. Is there any medical advancement in 13 years that can overcome my problem. Comments please

Aoa I live in kuwait and come to know that u run an Ivf clinic here in kuwait as well if it is true please let me know the name as I am planning to get ivf done at your clinic please reply Thanks

sir my cousion sistr in canada went for all sort of tx except ivf now her doc told her that ur eggs are small and u should have some donor in ur family i want to ask u do u have this facility and can u help her if she wants to come and see u ,do u have solution of her problm plz reply me on my e mail thank you

AOA, mere shadi ko 4& half year year ho chuke hain main ne hameed latif se ivf karwaya tha jis se mujhe ectopic pragnancy hoi thi meray 6 frozen eggs hameed latif mai freeze hain ivf se phele mujhe endrometriosis cyst both side par thi jo k lap surgery se remove karwai thi ab mujhe next treatment kia lena chaye main ap k hospital se next treatment lena chati hon kia mujhe ap k pas ana chaye ya phir hameed latif se apne frozen egg transfer karwa lo plz reply me i will be vry thnkful to u

Hello I'm in uk.i have been married 7 years my husband is from pakistan he have low count.when can I come over for icsi ASAP please and how husband father a DG in islamabad do we get discount on behalf of him.please tell me cost in uk money and wen can I come.

How much urgent appointment possible

married for 6yrs dont have kids. icsi trid once in 2010 at hameed lateef but failed. now want to come at ur centre kindly guide me which day of cycle is better for first visit kindly give appointment on urgent basis

salam dr sahib mera aik beta hai 6year ka usk baad maray husband ko vericocels ho gia hai jis waja se sprems 0zero ho gay hain kindly inform me hum log kia karay buht se treatment lay chukay hain ab apk sath buht umeed lagi hai plzz guaid us

salam mara masla hy k mujhy azoospermia hy aur mari shadi ko 8 sall hony ko han kia mian test tupe baby ly skta hn kia treament possible hy

AoA sir mari shadi ko 5 saal ho shukey hain bt ve no kid maslah marey husband main hai diagnosed azoospermia biopsy has also done but no progress doc kahteyi hain its impossible to do it plz guide us what should we do . ialways pray u. thanks

i have one 11 years kid, now i want to plan next baby. i didnt conceive normally. so i need your help in this regrade. please tell complete package of IVF (Test Tube Baby ) and how much time this procedure will take. an early response will highly appreciated.

salm..meri shadi ko 3 and a half year ho gy hain,,bt mein ne ek bar b concive nai kiya..mein ivfs krwana chati hun ...kindly mjhy guide kry k kitni amount needed hai iss k liye..or kitna time lagy ga ..i need ur help ..plz guide me

sir im marreid from 7 years i ve two daughters now im planing for another baby but this time iwant a baby boy so how can u help me and how much time it will take and how much it ,ll cost me plz do reply me thanks

sir im marreid from 7 years i ve two daughters now im planing for another baby but this time iwant a baby boy so how can u help me and how much time it will take and how much it ,ll cost me plz do reply me thanks

hello sir its been six years to my marriage and didn't conceive once.....nw planning to go for ivf.....i had d&i, Laparoscopy dye test premenstrual biopsies endrometriosis and hsg test....all are clear husband is also fine do suggest me way to do please....

hi.i have two female want male by the grace of god.icsi treatment may be.i m 36 n my hasband is 48 years old.plz tel how much cost n how many days spend elder baby is 3 year old n second one is one year normal deleveries

married for one year left sided operative laproscopy for endometriotic cyst now i have both sided endometriosis planning for conception my age is 31 years taking att for undiagnosed fever for last 2 months i want icsi

Is it pregnency possible if menses are blocked more than 7 years ? 15 years has been passed & not concieved a single time....

what are charges on IVF treatment ... i want to get it done ... what are the approx expenditure on whole of the procedure

sir my name is asiya. shadi ko 7 sal ho gye.abi tak conceive nai kia. husband ki reports main active motile kam hain bohat treatment karwaya lakin bad main dobara reports main koi khas farak nai parta. plz give some suggestions

dear sir meri shadli ko 4 saal ho gi he i have one daughter but she died in the age 2 year. after that i have no child. i tried treatment from different doctors but sofar no result i want to meet u so that i can show my medical record nasir jamal from peshawar

sir main multan se bol rahe hun,humari shadi ko 6saal ho chukay hain aur koi pregnency nahi hoi hum ne buhat se treatmnt karway hain abto buhat fed up ho chukay hain rashid latif k pas b gay multan se dr ejaz ahmad se b 4month treatmnt krwaya last time dr setna lhr se iui 28 march ko krwaya bt successful na raha,hum dono ki reports normal hain.plz ap mujhy mashwara dain k hum kia kr,agar aap mujhay apointmnt dain main apse discus karna chahti hun main 17 or 19june ko islambad ana hai,mujhay kisi dr ne apka btaya hai.thanks

sir mari shadi ko 18 year ho gey hai 3 baar consive kiya us k baad mai consive nahi kiya last consive 2005 ko kiya us b baad bohat set treatment b kiyey mera miscarriage 4 month k baad ho jata hai reason bleeding from the 1st month heavy bleeding dr suggest me ivf iwanot to know the complete package of this treatment and the time of treatment , at this time i am 40 year age.

Salam dear. We did ivf icsi 2 times hameed lateef lahore DR tayeb.but twice failed .11 years married age 33 now we have plans to try again plz tell us what to do.

hey ishfaque keep ur finger cross and you will get what you want by the grace of Allah amin. can you let me know you did ivf from which clinic ?

sir i hav 8 years after marriage failed with 2 ivfs please can u guide me wat to do - also depressed couple i pray 4 u plz do favur to reply me

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