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Gold & Silver Rates in Pakistan

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17 Apr, 2014 Gold Rates in Pakistan - Gold traders belong to physical gold trading or online gold trading, and individual who invest a certain amount on gold needs to be updated of gold rates on every moment, and do not want to miss even a single dollar benefits every day. Therefore, is one stop place where thousands of gold traders and individuals visit daily for gold rate updates and also getting free Gold prices SMS Alerts. Read more
International Gold Rates:
 Gold 24K / Ounce
(17 Apr, 2014 07:35:27)

Gold Rates Pakistan

(Converted from International Rate)
(Update and associate with international Gold trading)
Karachi [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 41,106.81
Karachi [Gold 24K per Tola]

Rs. 47,896.09

Karachi [Gold 22K per 10 Grams] Rs. 37,681.24
Karachi [Gold 22K per Tola]

Rs. 43,904.75

Pakistan Gold Rates (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association)
 [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 42,171.00
 [Gold 24K per Tola]

Rs. 49,200.00

 [Gold 22K per 10 Grams]

Rs. 38,657.00

 [Gold 22K per Tola]

Rs. 45,100.00

 [Silver per 10 Grams]

Rs. 642.85

Last Updated: Wednesday 16,Apr,2014 (Source:Karachi Saraf)

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Gold Rates Archives  Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association
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Gold and Silver Rates in Pakistan

City Gold Silver
  24K 10 Grams 24K Per Tola 22K 10 Grams  10 Grams
Karachi Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Hyderabad Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Lahore Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Multan Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Islamabad Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Faisalabad Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Rawalpindi Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Quetta Rs. 42,171.00 Rs. 49,200.00 Rs. 38,657.00 Rs. 642.85
Last Updated: Wednesday 16,Apr,2014 (Source: Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association) is now become one of top Gold & Silver Rates Service Provider in Pakistan, practically it is true can be proved, Google shows prominent positions in mostly keywords searched in Pakistan on Gold & Silver Rates where Google provides quick search results and host of links belongs to There are thousands professional traffic or visitor daily on Gold & Silver Rates on, it is because Gems & Jewelry sector of Pakistan keep prospering day-by-day. Gold, Silver and its related products are attractive to any one no matter what ages are of men and women, from which region they belong, but it is observed that women from the world love to wear gold jewelry for marriages, parties, outing, casual wearing is most of region in the world. Traditionally, Women belongs from Asian region specially Pakistan, India wear gold and artificial jewelry of precious and semi-precious colored gemstone including turquoise, lapis lazuli, zoisite, sphene, purple bery, pink beryl (morganite), epidote, serpentine jade, moonstone, diopside, pargasite, spinel, aquamarine, peridot, topaz, garnet, tourmaline, emerald, ruby. Gold & Silver are also bought for investment purpose in Pakistan, many Gold and Jewelry products shopkeepers, gold dealers, gold online trading individuals, gold and silver commodities companies are listed in for live gold and silver updates, and promoting their gold and silver businesses on this prestigious website.

Gold & Silver Rates Services proudly provides online live gold and silver rates on website and free gold rates SMS alerts on mobile through Twitter SMS Services as well. Gold prices are in US$ according to the live international market of gold in ounce and converted its value in Pakistani rupees too. Individuals and investors can get 5-times gold rates alerts on mobile phone daily also open and closing Gold and Silver Rates of Karachi Saraf & Jewelers Associations (KSJA).

Live International Gold Rates: Individuals and investors of online gold trading can find fresh updates of spot international gold rates of gold 24K ( 24 Carat Pure Gold 99.99%) in US$.

Gold Converted Rates: excels gold rates services further to provide converted rates of international gold in Pakistani rupees which is updates and associate with international gold trading. Live gold bullion rates and its converted prices are in gold 24K per 10gm, 24 Carat per tola, Gold 22K per 10 gm and in Gold 22 Carat per tola as well.

Gold Rates Karachi Saraf Jewelers Associations: also provides opening and closing gold, silver rates of Karachi Saraf Jewelers Associations which is usually updated on after 5 Pm every day, provided by the KSJA gold and silver rates are equally apply for all cities specially for Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Quetta, Hyderabad, Multan, Faislabad, Sialkot, Rawalpindi.

Gold Rates Reviews and Technical Analysis: Gold Rates visitors of are very mature and professionals they visited website daily for latest technical analysis from gold experts in reviews section of

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 Gold Rates Comments 
Bilal sahab app batain gold kitna uper jai ga ,.
sharmeen Wed 02 Jan, 2013

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Rafay Wed 02 Jan, 2013

I agree with Muhammad Ali. I think Gold may decline to 1620-1640 in next two weeks or so and it will be the final chance to add Gold into Your Portfolio. Buy Gold at that Oppertunity but if Gold Closes above 1685 in this week then gold will cross 1725 level easily. Regards Rizwan 0345-5115554
Rizwan Wed 02 Jan, 2013

Salaam..... G Mirza bhai ma AP ko btaon Ga chezon etc sb gaid krn Ga inshala..... hmara kam hi gold ka ha hmari nasleen gold ka bznx krti a rhi ha,,, My contact nmbr 03135609000 Mirza bilal. My I d Facebook My Swype I d bilal.mirza122
Mirza bilal Wed 02 Jan, 2013

Fiscal Cliff deal has been approved by the House of Representative in US. Tax increments has been implemented on 77.1 % households in US. More burden has been falls on wealthiest american. These all issue are positive for save haven i.e (GOLD), i see new highs for the gold prices in 1st Quarter of 2013. This is year brings more recession in US. Dated: 2/1/13
Muhammad Ali (Analyst) Tue 01 Jan, 2013

gold next target up1697 or down 1657. next 2 week gold up hoga.
khan Tue 01 Jan, 2013

Dear All, Please note Gold will go up Fiscal Cliff deal is about to done and if any one of you had read the major point of this deal its all in favor of Gold ... so I believe it will go up but I hope it will not cross 1800 mark. God know better its only assumption.
Muhammad Kaleem Tue 01 Jan, 2013

Salam to all! Mirza here, mai gold ka business kar raha hn. koi mjhy ye bata sakta hai k gold kin kin chezon main se nikalta hai.
Mirza Tue 01 Jan, 2013

Salaam my all frnd sun lo 5 Jan tk market gold agr 1685 na Tori to down ho jay gi phir ,,,, S my belive 100& inshalah My content nmbr 03135609000 Mirza bilal Mirza.bilal25@Yahoo.
Mirza bilal Tue 01 Jan, 2013

The fiscal cliff deal is made, but now its depends on a US House whether day pass the deal or not, tomorrow is very important day for the fiscal cliff decision at (1700 GMT). On the other hand central banks from Europe to china agree upon providing more stimulus, I think US HOUSE make some other decision regarding fiscal cliff, because debt ceiling of 16.4 trillion US$ is also in view which is more important than the fiscal cliff. Its also depends on what kind of deal they have made, the full text is still not advertised in the news. At this moment i cannot say anything about this, let us see what happens tomorrow, hope for the best. Moreover, i think House will not avert fiscal cliff, they may negotiate on this. Hope for the best. (Note: Plz make ur buying and selling decisions by ur self and dont blame others for losses). Dated: 1/1/13
Muhammad Ali (Analyst) Tue 01 Jan, 2013

salm Due to settle my certain liabilities i want to sale my 5/6 tola gold jewellary including Karaa (bengals) haar and tika these r in very attractiive designe. pls. tell me where should i sell to get maximum amount. Initially i want to talk loan against this but to avoid riba i have decided to sell it. Pls. inform me if some one has gone through this experience. u can me at seriousperson at hotmail dot com location is Lahore.
Mahmood Tue 01 Jan, 2013

Razi bhai jitne AP ne gold market 5 Jun ko kaha bt itni up nhe ho gi,,,,,down ho gI Inshalal Mirza bilal 03135609000
Mirza bilal Tue 01 Jan, 2013

Muhammad Ali (Analyst) Brother! Fiscal Cliff pr to republicans aur white houe mn muahida tae ho gya hy.. abhi kya soorathall bane gi.. aap k khyal mn?
Tariq Mangi Tue 01 Jan, 2013

salam to all friend i ask fm mirza sa how can v earn 5000 daily on gold plz reply me on thanks
khanz Tue 01 Jan, 2013

GOLD ADVISER Tue 01 Jan, 2013

5 jan tak 1725 say 1750 tak jay ga
razi Mon 31 Dec, 2012 all friend pl koui mujahay silver kay business kay baray may bataiy ,kia silver bhee gold kee trah assanee say bik jaata hay, asli silver kee pahchan.kahan say khareed karna hay, kahan sail karn ahay
m.m.ishaq Mon 31 Dec, 2012

Mirza bilal My I d Facebook My Skype I d Mirza.bilal122 My content nmbr 03135609000 Mirza bilal In4mishon gold etc s u s my contents
Mirza bilal Mon 31 Dec, 2012

Salaam 2 all frnd 5.1.2013 gold market report,,,,,,, S1,,,,,,,,1651,, S2,,,,,,,1641,,S3,,,,,,,,1629,, R1,,,,,,,,1667,,R2,,,,,,,1676,,R3,,,,,,,,1684,, Di best up & down gold market is puzishan,,, In4mishon gold etc S my content nmbr 03135609000 Mirza bilal
Mirza bilal Mon 31 Dec, 2012

today gold buy around 1660 targeting 1669-1675-1690 if u can earn daily 5000 rupees contact with me 03012222619-03117351515
asim hayat Mon 31 Dec, 2012

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