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Gold & Silver Rates in Pakistan

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05 Aug, 2015 Gold Rate in Pakistan - Gold is still taking it on the chin, now gold keep on track for a 5-year-low today, (24K/ounce $1095.38) as traders continue to exit; gold prices are down 2.5% this week and down 5.8% in this month. Spot prices slumped by more than 4pc to $1,086 an ounce in overnight trading after anonymous funds sold 57 tons of gold in Shanghai and New York. Gold is considered to be a safe haven asset. In times of high inflation and volatile stock markets, gold prices usually tend to go up. Its price had more than doubled from early 2009 to end of 2013 as investors in Europe and the US flocked to add more glitter to their investment portfolio rather than park funds in unstable and risky equity markets. Find live international gold bullion rates and its accurate converted prices in Pakistani rupees with different carats such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm and 22K/Tola and 22K/10gm respectively. Also the association of Karachi Saraf Jeweler is manage and set gold rates for local market of Karachi, gold rates from Karachi Saraf Jewelers association are available in carat 24K/Tola, 24/10gm, and carat 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm and silver per 10/gm rates for different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpinidi on daily basis. is a platform where thousands of visitors reach this website and get authentic and real time updated gold rates data, and also provides free gold prices SMS alerts on mobile phone for every gold subscriber through Twitter (pakbizgold). Read more
International Gold Rates:
 Gold 24K / Ounce
(04 Aug, 2015 02:43:19)

Gold Rates Pakistan

(Converted from International Rate)
(Update and associate with international Gold trading)
Karachi [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 36,091.47
Karachi [Gold 24K per Tola]

Rs. 42,052.41

Karachi [Gold 22K per 10 Grams] Rs. 33,083.85
Karachi [Gold 22K per Tola]

Rs. 38,548.04

Pakistan Gold Rates (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association)
 [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 38,057.00
 [Gold 24K per Tola]

Rs. 44,400.00

 [Gold 22K per 10 Grams]

Rs. 34,885.00

 [Gold 22K per Tola]

Rs. 40,700.00

 [Silver per 10 Grams]

Rs. 531.42

Last Updated: Tuesday 04,Aug,2015 (Source:Karachi Saraf)

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Gold and Silver Rates in Pakistan

City Gold Silver
  24K 10 Grams 24K Per Tola 22K 10 Grams  10 Grams
Karachi Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Hyderabad Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Lahore Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Multan Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Islamabad Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Faisalabad Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Rawalpindi Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Quetta Rs. 38,057.00 Rs. 44,400.00 Rs. 34,885.00 Rs. 531.42
Last Updated: Tuesday 04,Aug,2015 (Source: Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association)

Gold Rate in Pakistan - is now become one of top gold and silver rates service provider in Pakistan. There are thousands of visitors visit daily for live gold bullion rates of 24K/Ounce US$ and its converted gold spot prices in different carats such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm, 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm.

International Gold Rates 24/7

Individuals and investors of gold trading can find fresh and updated international spot price of 24K ( 24 Carat Pure Gold 99.99%) in US$, and its converted price in Pakistani rupees with different carats, such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm, 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm.

Gold Rates - Karachi Saraf Jewelers

 Associations also provides gold and silver opening/closing rates issued by Karachi Saraf Jewelers Associations. All updates by KSJA updated on after 5 Pm every day for Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Quetta, Hyderabad, Multan, Faislabad, Sialkot, Rawalpindi.

Gold Rates - Technical Analysis By Experts

This is a dedicated page of gold rates where visitors give feedbacks and experts of gold also join this platform and share technical analysis and gold market situation.

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 Gold Rates Comments 
Asharf Naizi Sb., I belong to ARY Gold family, & love to see all activity on Gold site
Uzma Tue 17 Mar, 2015

gold ka rate world cup k baad opar jae ga muje yaqeen hai 70%
Amber khan Tue 17 Mar, 2015

gold phir se uper janay wala hai islia meray bhaio or bheno jis jis ne ameer honay k lia oper jana hai wo gold ki ras'si ko mazbuti se tham lay takay bd main kisi ka gila na rahay k hum pechay reh gay. i m nt joking yara gold will be up with each passing day onward.
aflatoon Mon 16 Mar, 2015

Already 41000 tak tu aa geya ha ab or ketna nechy ly k jana ha ?
Muhammad waqas Sun 15 Mar, 2015

A.a any 1 tel me k ma ubi gold buy kr ln ya is sy b zyada low jae ga?plzzx tel me
doli Sun 15 Mar, 2015

Asad Fri 13 Mar, 2015

Uzma g me besicly gold smith hun.or partner b hen.ap batain ap b invester hen?
ashraf niazi Fri 13 Mar, 2015

yahan tu sab gichyy chor rahy hy chalo koe baat nahi hum bi aik aisee gich chor dety hy..monday ko gold 50.000 Tola ho jaey gha..
Tip Top Fri 13 Mar, 2015

Uzma g he mera pro fashion he.i m gold smith.or is kam me partner hen.acha ap ye batain k ap gold me Kese interested hen?
Ashraf niazi Fri 13 Mar, 2015

Plz koie ya bta dy k gold 50 thousands tk kb jay ga mean kes month ma up ho ga
amna Fri 13 Mar, 2015

Asharf Naizi Sb., r u married ... I mean this much of Gold neither a lady can bring with herself neither one can buy at once (1000 Tola) as it would have been better to buy 1 Kg direct rater to invest 1000 Tola piece as every piece would have its own making price & buy in 1 piece of 1 kg will have only one making charges that is why its seem me to be very unusual :(
Uzma Fri 13 Mar, 2015

are uzma maim ap to enquari par aa gai hen ya meri bat ko jhoot samajh rahi hen.bus ap plz dua karen gold 1 dafa 50 hazar tak aa jai.mola ap ko sallamat rakhen.
ashraf niazi Thu 12 Mar, 2015

Gold hovered near its lowest in over three months on Wednesday, hurt by consecutive losses in the last seven sessions as a robust dollar and expectations of higher U.S. interest rates curbed appetite for the metal. FUNDAMENTALS * Spot gold had ticked up slightly to $1,163.15 an ounce by 0042 GMT, after dropping 4 percent in the seven sessions to Tuesday. * The metal slumped to $1,155.60 in the previous session, its lowest since Dec. 1. * Bullion has taken a hit from stronger-than-expected U.S. nonfarm payrolls data that renewed expectations the Federal Reserve would begin to increase interest rates in June. * Higher rates could dent demand for assets that do not pay interest such as gold, and boost the dollar. * The U.S. dollar hit a near 12-year peak against the euro and touched its highest level against the Japanese yen in nearly eight years on Tuesday, buoyed by the European Central Bank's bond-buying programme, as well as expectations for a mid-year rate hike. * The dollar index, which measures the greenback against a basket of major currencies, hit its highest since September 2003. * Other precious metals have also taken a hit along with gold. Platinum slumped to its lowest since July 2009 on Tuesday, while silver fell to a two-month low in the same session. * U.S.-based gold miner Allied Nevada Gold Corp filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, buckling under a heavy debt load amid weaker metal prices.
jamal khan Thu 12 Mar, 2015

The premium for gold in Shanghai remains high, sources said, although physical buyers are reportedly holding off in anticipation of lower prices before investing further. Gold for immediate delivery in Shanghai was quoted at $4 over the spot price by MKS, though it has been around $5, with the international spot price trading around its lowest in four months at $1,155 per ounce. Hopes that China would return to the market in force on Monday morning after significant price falls at the end of last week proved unfounded – buyers are awaiting sub-$1,150 levels before stepping back in, one source suggested. “We were expecting some fireworks on [Monday's] open following the huge sell-off in precious last Friday but in never came,” MKS’ Alex Thorndike also said. “Perhaps many of the physical traders think we have further to go to the downside?” But in the longer term, with a US interest rate rise looming, many buyers may be eyeing $1,000, the source added. Still, the premium for immediate delivery remains solid, even though many predicted that restocking demand after the Chinese New Year would fade within days of markets there reopening. Withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange – a useful barometer for wholesale demand – for the two-week period ending February 27 reached 37.92 tonnes – meaning that 411 tonnes have passed through the vaults in 2015 so far.
Iqbal Ali Khan Thu 12 Mar, 2015

“China has much more gold than it is allowing the world to see. As Alasdair Macleod, probably the world’s number one analyst of the gold market, wrote that between 1983 and 2002 China probably accumulated 25,000 tons of gold. Thus, its current gold holdings are probably north of 30,000 tons in contrast to the USA which has either sold or leased most of its gold.” Now this statement coming from one of the usual gold megabulls might be ignorable, but Hunt does not fall into this category and has a good track record of insights into China’s strategic initiatives as far as metals and minerals are concerned.”
Suleman Yasir Thu 12 Mar, 2015

Ashraf niazi sb., thora kam chorain .... 1000 tola ka mutlab ha 5 Caror PKR !!! itna pesa kahan sa aya app ka pass wo be gold main invest karnay ka lia.
Uzma Thu 12 Mar, 2015

Iltaf sha g thora sabar Karen gold up to 50 thousand .
kiran kumari Wed 11 Mar, 2015

SiriusBlaxk Wed 11 Mar, 2015

I want to buy gold ...plz give me daily update of karachi on dis nbr...03002239787
Rao Asif Tue 10 Mar, 2015

Ashraf niazi gold sale mat kerna next month 50000+ jye ja ya gold
Aqeel Naseer Tue 10 Mar, 2015

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