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ISE - Islamabad Stock Exchange

19 Aug, 2017 ISE Tower-Islamabad Stock Exchange - Are you looking for ISE stock exchange market summary? provides ISE 10-index market summary and its highlights with top companies share volume details. Islamabad stock exchange is the youngest and 3rd stock exchange located in the capital of Pakistan, it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified stock exchange, and it is also regulated by Security Exchange Commission (SECP) of Pakistan. ISE shows real time market highlights table and ISE 100 index chart, also ISE display volume leader of current market session. Right now Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) has 120 members against 200 as allowed to the exchange, of 120 members, 26 are individual and 94 are corporate members. In ISE 261 companies listed with the index ISE-10. ISE has Unified Trading Platform (UTP) to help in bringing increased liquidity in the market, improving price discovery, maximizing transparency, increasing turnover, broadening investor base, curtailing risks and distortions in trade. Read more
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ISE Tower Islamabad - ISE is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company, it was incorporated as limited company on 25th October, 1989 in Islamabad Capital territory of Pakistan with the main object of setting up of a trading and settlement infrastructure, information system, skilled resources, accessibility and a fair and orderly market place that ranks with the best in the world. The purpose for establishment of the stock exchange in Islamabad was to cater to the needs of less developed areas of the northern part of Pakistan. Settlement System - Initially ISE used T+7 settlement cycle then T+3 was introduced in 2001 and it was replaced in 2007 with T+2 settlement cycle for settlement of shares. Trading System - Remote Trading or Internet Trading has been implemented in ISE on 23 June 2003 from this software Brokers can trade from anywhere in the world. Initially in ISE , an outcry method of trading (a method of trading that uses verbal bids and offers in the trading pits) in shares was adopted which was replaced with the automated trading system (a computerized system for matching orders in securities) commonly called “ISE-CTS” in 1997. In the year 2002, ISECTS gave way to “ULTRA TRADE” trading system which is not only very efficient but also has extended trading capacity, internet trading functionality. Members/Brokers - Currently Islamabad Stock Exchange has 120 members against 200 as allowed to the exchange, of 120 members, 26 are individual and 94 are corporate members. Listed Companies - There are 261 companies listed in Islamabad Stock Exchange at the moment. However, number of listed companies varies from time to time due to delisting, mergers and default of companies. Indexes - As On 1 January 2004, ISE launched its own capital weighted index which is ISE-10 index. Unified Trading System - Islamabad Stock Exchange joined hands with Lahore Stock Exchange on 30 April 2007 to establish a Unified Trading Platform to help in bringing increased liquidity in the market, improving price discovery, maximizing transparency, increasing turnover, broadening investor base, curtailing risks and distortions in trade, providing cost effective service to the investing public and enhancing the image of both the Exchanges.

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Ghulam ishaque Thu 18 Aug, 2016

ISE AGM approves integration scheme. Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) held an Annual General Meeting of its shareholders, here on Tuesday. The AGM was held to consider and adopt a special resolution to approve the Scheme of Integration of ISE with KSE and change the name of ISE to ISE REIT Management Company Limited and to affect such change, approving the amendments in Memorandum and Articles of Association of ISE apart from its routine ordinary business. The meeting of shareholders was attended by 49 percent of ISE shareholders in person or through proxy. Out of 11 Directors on the Board of ISE, nine attended the meeting. Moin M Fudda, Chairman of the Board, chaired the meeting and described briefly the background whereby the process of integration was undertaken as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) entered into by the three stock exchanges on August 25, 2015. Syed Mukhtar Hussain Jaffery, Chairman Demutualization Committee of ISE also briefed the general body that in view of consolidation of business of stock exchanges, all Trading Right Entitlement Certificates (TREC) Holders of ISE would be issued TREC of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) without any fee and they shall be treated at par with all TREC holders of PSE, equally which will be a more vibrant trading platform. He said that after integration, the PSE will emerge as a sole Securities Exchange in Pakistan.
Habib Tue 10 Nov, 2015

The Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) on Friday witnessed bearish trend with the ISE-10 index closed at 3054.54 points down by 2.93 points from previous day’s trading. A total of 51,000 shares were traded which were down by 49,800 shares as compared to Thursday’s trading of 1,200 shares. Out of 142 companies, share prices of 66 companies recorded increased and those of 76 registered decreased. Indus Motors remained the top trading company with Rs 14.48 price per share while that of Siemens Pakistan Engineering decreased by Rs. 21.67 per share. Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Silk bank were the only companies whose shares were 50,000 and 1,000 respectively traded on Friday.
Safdar Sat 07 Nov, 2015

ISE-10 index witnesses bearish trend. The Islamabad Stock Exchange on Wednesday witnessed bearish trend with ISE-10 index closed at 3024.75 points up by 32.27 points. A total of 1,100 shares were traded, up by 9,900 shares than previous day's 11,000 shares. Out of 150 companies, share prices of 64 companies recorded increase while those of 86 registered decrease. The share price of Packages Limited increased by Rs.6.53 and that of Sanofi Aventis Pakistan decreased by Rs.28.67. Silk bank and Pakistan Petroleum remained top trading companies with 1000 and 100 shares respectively.
Afaaq Sunny Mon 26 Oct, 2015

i had invested my saudia ke kamaie, all money i lost. it is dam risky. now again i started working in saudi arabia. as i have come to know don't invest in stock market unless the broker is sincere with his investor, and also investor should follow what seniors are asking. over all it is ok . just invest Rs 50000 even u lose, it wont matter. MY EXPERIENCE ? magarmachh choote machlee ko nigel jata he.
Ejaz Bhatti Mon 21 Sep, 2015

Demutualization Act, signing ceremony held at President’s House, Islamabad. Chairman ISE and Managing Director ISE present with Honorable President of Pakistan, Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Chairperson National Assembly standing committee on finance Fauzia Wahab (Late), Chairman Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan Muhammad Ali, Commissioner SECP Imtiaz Haider and Officials of Commission and other Exchanges.
Sabaa Khan Mon 21 Sep, 2015

(Pakistan Stock Exchange) : All the stock exchange in Pakistan KSE, LSE, ISE under massive pressure from few days, today the I observed it, Bullish moment is there in the stock market. I have no what is the actual reason behind this? some says; Political tension, China Equity losses, Weak Pakistani currency and strong American Dollar US$, international foreign selling pressure or possible what ??? Please share your views at this discussion platform of
Sobia Kamal Tue 08 Sep, 2015

I want to check how many companies are listed in ISE - Islamabad Stock Exchange? How can I check on the website of I am planning to invest some of amount in ISE Tower, but first I have to know what shares are the best in near future.
Rashid Ameen Mon 31 Aug, 2015

The Islamabad Stock Exchange remained bearish, as the ISE-10 Index lost 52.83 points to close at 3,232.66 points, traders said on Friday. Total turnover amounted to 225,220 shares as compared to previous volume of 286,700 shares. Of the 154 companies, 67 closed in the positive territory, while 87 remained in the negative zone. Price of top gainer Sapphire Fibers increased by Rs34.92, while Atlas Battery Limited declined by Rs22.62. Pakistan Oilfields Ltd remained the volume leader with 300 shares.
Erum Hafeez Mon 24 Aug, 2015

Islamabad-Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on Friday inaugurated its first facilitation centre at the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). “Such centres are being set up all across Pakistan”, a statement of the SECP issuesd has said. According to the Commission, the facilitation center would provide the requisite information and assistance to the promoters of new companies as well as management of existing companies. This includes assistance in company incorporation, submission of applications and returns through eServices, e.g. change of company name, alteration in memorandum and articles of association change of company status etc. The SECP Chairman, Zafar Hijazi, in his message, said the SECP’s first facilitation center has been set up in Sialkot considering its role in economic development of Pakistan. He also announced to facilitate establishment of capital market hub in Sialkot where entities like asset management companies (AMCs), brokerage firms,banks along with CDC and stock exchanges will open their branches. The capital market hub would enable investors to easily access capital markets and non-bank financial services. Speaking at inaugural ceremony, Tahir Mehmood, the SECP Commissioner for Company Law Division said the facilitation centre would greatly help the business community in resolving their issues, complaints and assist in e-filing of electronic returns.
Sana Imran Mon 24 Aug, 2015

The Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE-10) on Tuesday experienced a bearish trend by losing 25.73 points to close at 3,272.75 points, traders said. Total turnover amounted to 286,700 shares as compared to previous volume of 401,000 shares. Of the 154 companies, 67 closed in the positive territory, while 87 remained in the negative zone. Price of top gainer Sapphire Fibers increased by Rs34.92, while Atlas Battery Limited declined by Rs22.62. Bank of Punjab remained the volume leader with 253,000 shares.
Ghulam Sabir Thu 20 Aug, 2015

The demutualization committees of the Karachi and Islamabad stock exchanges have reached a deal for their merger while Lahore Stock Exchange has failed to strike any deal in this regard so far. The management of both the exchanges will announce their merger deal very soon, stock market officials said on Tuesday. The Lahore Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange are already engaged in talks for the past few years to finalize the agreement of their merger but there has been no agreement between both so far. However, both the markets, under an agreement, are trading their shares through a Unified Trading System, using single platform for sale and purchase of stocks. Under this Unified Trading System, an investor can conduct the shares trading of any company listed both at LSE and the ISE. After the merger of stock markets, the investor would be able to trade the shares of the company from LSE platform even if it is not listed at LSE, stock market officials said. According to sources, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has notified the constitution of a committee to merge the three stock exchanges that would be later offered to some strategic foreign investor. In another development, a Turkish company has submitted a letter of intent (LoI) to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for the purchase of 40 per cent shares of Karachi Stock Exchange under the divestment plan to complete the demutualization process of stock exchanges after a long delay of around three years. Chairman of AKD Securities and AKD Group Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, talking to The Nation, criticized the requirements stipulated in the Stock Exchanges (Corporatization, Demutualization and Integration) Act, 2012 in relation to divestment of 60% shares of the stock exchanges lying in the blocked account to the Strategic Investor(s) (SIs), general public and local financial institutions. “Demutualization Act, 2012 has restrictions that only strategic foreign buyer can purchase the 40 percent management share of the stock exchanges which has delayed the demutualization process for around three years. The SECP should adopt free market mechanism for a healthy competition, giving the chance both to local as well as foreign buyers.” “Thank God that a Turkish company has shown interest of buying the KSE shares before the last date which is 25th August 2015,” he said. The Turkish delegation has reached Pakistan to finalise the purchase of 40 per cent shares of the KSE worth around Rs4-5 billion. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, a noted businessman and stock market tycoon, said that it is good omen for Pakistan that a foreign investor is ready to invest in Karachi stock market which will attract other investors too. But the SECP will have to remove this restriction of strategic foreign buyer for purchase of stock exchanges shares, as demutualization process of LSE and ISE will further be delayed. Aqeel Dhedhi observed that with growing economic activity and business friendly policies of the government the capital market of the country possesses the potential of emerging as a regional investment hub. He reiterated that providing a fair and transparent market that complies with international best standards is the key to development and the brokers stand with the SECP in its efforts to ensure the same. While the first crucial step in the transformation of the Pakistani capital market has been taken with the demutualization of stock exchanges, integration would be revolutionary measure that would assist in bringing the market at par with global counterparts. According to stock market experts, demutualization process has three steps including corporatization under which 40 percent shares of stock markets have been sold to brokers or members. The second process will be the further sale of 40 percent shares to strategic foreign buyer. After this, the remaining 20 per cent shares will be sold to general public to complete the demutulization process of stock exchanges, experts added. As required under the Act, the SECP had issued directions to the stock exchanges for completion of the divestment process by August 25, 2015. The stock exchanges had been in contact with various international exchanges for divestment of stake to SI and/or technical collaboration. However, nothing concrete was materialized till the mid of August 2015, as no firm commitments were received from any counterpart in this regard. Experts said that the international trend on integration of stock exchanges helps reduce fragmentation and through integration, markets benefit from operational synergies, cost cutting, economies of scale and streamlined regulation. The Stock Exchanges Act empowers the SECP to conclude the divestment process if the exchanges are unable to abide by the timeline.
Naeem Bin Akhtar Wed 19 Aug, 2015

The report on the 2008 stock market crash was made public by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on Tuesday. The report, compiled by the committee headed by Shamim Ahmad Khan and submitted to the SECP on June 5, was released after a lapse of two months. It was presented to the SECP Policy Board on Aug 10. The report seemed to heap all the blame on the commission itself, absolving the stockbrokers. “We do not want to waste energies on blame game and trying to see which broker made how much money in the process,” Mr Zafar Hijazi, SECP Chairman told reporters, adding that the “best thing to do was to learn and move on so that things like this do not happen again.” The incumbent SECP chairman and the relevant staff who were in the Securities Market Division (SMD) in 2008 emphasised that the corporate sector regulator failed to fulfill his duties.
Farrukh Khan Thu 13 Aug, 2015

Two generals involved in NLC scam punished under Army Act. Following the observations made by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) about irregularities in the NLC investments in stock exchange in February 2009, the case was referred to the Ministry of Defence for necessary disposal and the army commenced a court of inquiry by November, 2010 that was followed by recording of summary of evidence in September 2011. However, the decision remained pending as some additional documentary evidence was provided by the former general officers, which needed scrutiny and time to establish their veracity.
Farman Ayub Fri 07 Aug, 2015

ISE index up 25.09 points. Equities moved both ways at the Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) on Wednesday, where investors adopted a cautious approach under the lead of hot favourite amid increase in index. ISE Ten Index showed an improvement of 25.09 points as the ISE Ten Index moved from 3,428.14 to 3,453.23 points. The overall turnover amounted to 7,500 shares as compared to previous volume of 55,700 shares. Total 150 companies participated in buying and selling activity. Majority of stocks 89 closed in positive territory, (61) closed in negative territory, whereas no company remained pegged to its overnight levels. The turnover of Lafrage Pakistan Cement was 2,000 shares. The volume of Silk Bank was 2,000 shares. The turnover of National Bank was 1,000 shares. The turnover of Pakistan Petroleum was 1,000 shares.
Ahmed Aalam Fri 07 Aug, 2015

Metro Bus gets its own video game. In context of the recently-launched Metro Mass Transit System for the people of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, a video game titled “XtremeMetro” has been developed by KWICK High Tech and Solutions to promote civic responsibility among the general public. “Whenever any topsy-turvy situation crops up in the country, people tend to show acrimony by damaging the public assets, without realising that it is their property, made for their ease and comfort,” said the team lead for KWICK Android game development, adding that a sense of ownership and responsibility must be prevailed in our society if it is to headtowards a prosperous and developed Pakistan. The main character of the game, “Bhola Ustaad”, is a chronic Pakistani mischievous guy, who savagely breaks the glasses and windows of metro buses and stations. On the other hand, another character, a “Hawaldar”, runs to catch and buckle him up. The players need to collect tokens for increasing scores, jump over the obstacles, and prevent collision with hurdles or metro buses. The game, which is available on the Google Play Store, has several kinds of pickups and boosters infixed, which help players in getting through the game more smoothly, without a hitch. The video game graphics include beautiful and aesthetic green landscape of Islamabad, with eminent and archaic buildings like Faisal Masjid, ISE Tower, Centaurus Mall, Serena Hotel and many other eye-grabbing views.
Umer Hassan Tue 04 Aug, 2015

The Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) was incorporated as a limited Company on 25th October, 1989 in Islamabad Capital territory of Pakistan with the main object of setting up of a trading and settlement infrastructure, information system, skilled resources, accessibility and a fair and orderly market place that ranks with the best in the world. The purpose for establishment of the stock exchange in Islamabad was to cater to the needs of less developed areas of the northern part of Pakistan. The ISE Towers comprise twin 22 storey towers with unique and inspiring amenities, offer futuristically and aesthetically designed offices with panoramic views, is being constructed over a piece of land measuring 5600 square yards in the heart of Islamabad at Jinnah Avenue (Blue Area) which is the hub of all business and commercial activities in Islamabad. The building is facing 400 feet wide Jinnah Avenue on one side and has another entrance from 100 feet wide Nazimuddin Road, besides breathtaking scenic view of the Margalla Hills and the city from the building.
Asif Haseeb Mon 03 Aug, 2015

This is great that on daily basis the ISE rates are mentioned here on this site. We businessman can easily watch the ISE rates here. One thing that I should also mention that it update each day not just like some jerk sites that do not show daily stock rates.
Iqbal Sori Sat 01 Aug, 2015

I want to invest in ISE Islamabad stock exchange, pleas guide me accordingly, if an expert of stock exchange give me any advice in this regards, i will be very thank full to him/her. I have 100K for this business, I am new and have a little bit information of stock market activity and shares information. Thanks
Yawar Akhlaaq Tue 28 Jul, 2015

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has reinforced the online Financial Reporting System (FRS) for all the trading right entitlement certificate (TREC) holders of stock exchanges in the country. The initiative has been taken in order to safeguard investors’ interests and effectively monitor financial health of the trading right entitlement certificate (TREC) holders. The FRS requires the TREC holders to submit their quarterly financial returns through the SECP’s website within 30 days of the close of each quarter, a statement of the Commission issued here said. Majority of the brokerage houses were providing their financial reports on an annual basis. However, the SECP believes that since the TREC holders act as custodians of the clients’ assets, therefore their reporting requirements have been enhanced. This initiative is in line with the commitment of the SECP to strengthen oversight of the TREC holders. It is expected that this reporting requirement will allow the SECP to monitor capital adequacy, segregation of client’s assets and other regulatory compliance at higher frequency. In addition, it will enable the SECP to strengthen oversight of brokers and to generate timely signals regarding deteriorating financial health of TREC holders. The deadline of submitting the financial returns for the quarter, ended on June 30, is July 30, 2015. In order to facilitate the TREC holders in understanding the requirements of FRS, the SECP has conducted interactive training sessions at the stock exchanges in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi on July 1, 2, and 6 respectively.
Aamir Hayat Mon 27 Jul, 2015

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