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Currency Rates in Pakistan

06 Jul, 2015 Currency Rates in Pakistan - US$ Dollar touches little bit high, but it is now maintain in open market currency exchange rates in Pakistan. After the Pakistan federal budget FY 2015-16 major currencies are keeping value stable in the local market. Everybody can find major currency exchange rates and its converted rates in Pakistani rupees. Moreover, find fresh and updated selling and buying rates of US$ dollar here. The following table of currency open market page shows all international major currency rates in Pakistani rupees. The currency page is keep displaying current time exchange rates of all major currencies in Pakistani rupees with currency symbols and currency real time buying and selling price such as; US$ dollar, €-Euro (EU), £-British Pound (GBP), AED-UAE Dirham, SAR-Saudi Arabian Riyal, and CAD$-Canadian Dollar. For the easiness of users of this website, the currency converter is also available on this page for converting or calculating different countries currencies. is also provides free SMS alerts services of currency rates in Pakistan for all mobile phone users in Pakistan. Read more
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Pakistan Open Market Forex Rates [July 06 2015, 14:00 PST (GMT+5)]
 U.S. DollarUSD102.75103.00
 Euro EUR113.00113.25
 British Pound GBP159.25159.50
 UAE Dirham AED27.9028.15
 Saudi RiyalSAR27.2027.45
 Kuwaiti DinarKWD336.00336.25
 Canadian Dollar CAD81.0081.25
 Australian Dollar AUD76.2576.50
 Omani RiyalOMR264.00264.25
 Japanese YenJPY0.830.86
 Malaysian RinggitMYR26.4526.70
 Qatari RiyalQAR27.7027.95
 Bahrain DinarBHD268.65268.90
 Thai BhatTHB3.003.01
 Chinese Yuan CNY16.2516.35
 Hong Kong Dollar HKD13.0013.10
 Danish Krone DKK14.9515.05
 New Zealand DollarNZD67.8068.05
 Singapore DollarSGD75.6075.85
 Norwegians KroneNOK12.5512.65
 Swedish Krona SEK12.0012.10
 Swiss Franc CHF107.50107.75
 Indian RupeeINR1.591.60
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 Currency Rates in Pakistan 

US$ Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today - Find live and fresh currency exchange rates of all major currencies at efforts to collect real time currency exchange through many reliable sources including visits to some nearby exchange companies in Karachi, and updated fresh currency rates on site daily basis. Although we try to make sure our currency exchange rates in Pakistan are correct, it is possible it may differs from market rates. Forex rates page in finance section of Pakbiz.con is designed to provide individuals or investors who specially doing online trading in forex exchange rates in Pakistan. provides fresh and up to date currency exchange prices in Pakistan of open market, inter banks and international forex currency rates. Individuals or investors of online currency trading can get exchange rates of Pakistan against world major currencies including American US$, Saudi Arabian Riyals, UAE Dirham, Kuwaiti Dinar, Euro Region major currency euro, Japanese Yen, Chinese, Yaun, British Pound Sterling in Pakistani Pkr rupees . Individuals or investors may also find currency exchange rates archives or history, and also up to date from today’s open market currency exchange rates, dollar rates, forex articles & graphs for major cities of Pakistan such as; open market currency rates in Karachi, exchange rates of Pakistan in Lahore, money exchange rates in Islamabad and foreign exchange rates in Rawalpindi respectively.

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The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) completed the Seventh Review of Pakistan's economic performance under a three-year programme supported by an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) arrangement. The Board's decision enables the immediate disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 360 million (about $506.4 million), bringing the total disbursements under the arrangement to SDR 2.88 billion (about $4.05 billion). On September 4, 2013, the Executive Board approved the three-year extended arrangement under the EFF in the amount of SDR 4.393 billion (about $6.18 billion, or 425 percent of Pakistan's quota at the IMF). Following the Executive Board discussion on Pakistan, Mitsuhiro Furusawa, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair, said: "Progress toward macroeconomic stabilization is encouraging, thanks to strong performance under the programme and despite significant legal, political, and security challenges. Macroeconomic imbalances are being gradually addressed. Building on these gains, continued efforts are needed to make the economic reform more sustainable and boost inclusive growth. "The planned fiscal adjustment in the context of the FY2015/16 budget is appropriate. The authorities' plans to broaden the tax base, including eliminating tax exemptions and concessions, are welcome, though significant scope remains for increasing tax compliance and enforcement. The authorities are implementing plans to reduce costly and inefficient electricity subsidies, and steps are being taken to contain arrears in the electricity sector, while boosting support for the most vulnerable. Legal challenges might still pose risks to the authorities' efforts, and their commitment to contingency measures is encouraging. Building on recent success in diversifying budgetary financing and reducing the reliance on central bank financing, continued strengthening of public debt management remains a priority. "Foreign exchange reserves have continued to increase and monetary policy has remained appropriate under current macroeconomic conditions. Following the planned amendments to the central bank law that will already address some important shortcomings to central bank independence, further efforts will be needed to bolster the SBP's governance structure and autonomy. Building on the recently started implementation of the improved interest rate corridor, efforts to strengthen central bank operations should continue, including through strengthened risk management and internal operations. "The financial sector remains stable and progress in bank capitalization is welcome. A number of legislative reforms to strengthen financial stability and inclusion are underway. Efforts to combat financing terrorism, anti-money laundering, and tax offences should continue. "Structural reforms are progressing, although more needs to be done, and the risk of legal challenges remains. While regulatory reform continues, the power sector remains a key bottleneck for growth and a drain on public finances. The authorities' adoption of a comprehensive medium-term plan to deal with the accumulation of arrears in the electricity sector is welcome in this respect. Continued efforts are needed in the areas of privatization of public sector enterprises, trade policy, and business climate reforms."-PR
Suleman D Mon 29 Jun, 2015

KARACHI: Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves hit a four-year high of $18.20 billion on Thursday after the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) received $706 million from the World Bank, said a spokesman for the central bank. The country’s forex reserves touched an all-time high of $18.24bn in 2010-11 which fell to $11bn in 2012-13. The State Bank’s reserves dropped to as low as $6bn the same year. They have now crawled up to $12.5bn. The PML-N government, which came to power in 2013, borrowed from lending agencies and sold Eurobonds and sukuk (Islamic bonds) which helped the central bank to improve its reserves despite large repayments made during these two years to the donor agencies. With the increase of reserves mostly through borrowed money, the debt servicing has been alarmingly rising as it reflected from the payment of about $7bn in FY14. Currency experts believe that higher reserves, particularly of the State Bank, help stabilise the exchange rate. Low SBP reserves attract speculation which directly hits the local currency, as witnessed in the recent past. When SBP’s reserves hit $6bn, the local currency lost about 10 per cent against the US dollar in a short span of time. The present government acted promptly to tackle this situation and the dollar lost sharply against the local currency falling below Rs98. Since the beginning of 2014, the dollar again started strengthening against the rupee and rose to Rs102 in the inter-bank market. It happened despite rising foreign exchange reserves. Analysts said it was a deliberate attempt from a powerful segment in the government which forced the finance ministry to depreciate the local currency to boost exports arguing that exporters failed to achieve targets in FY15 due to “overvalued” local currency. However, two major events also supported the central bank to improve its reserves. First, low oil prices in the international market helped the country save a substantial amount on account of import bill, and, second, remittances from overseas Pakistanis grew by 16pc year-on-year to $16.63bn during the 11 months through May. Remittances are now more important than exports growth since the export sector has failed to achieve targets for the last many years despite incentives, including low interest rates on borrowing from banks.
Aijaz Cheema Mon 29 Jun, 2015

Any one can tell me when the rate of riyal increase?
Rasheed Mon 22 Jun, 2015

I m happy wit it coz I don't need go any we're and stand in que 2 find it, I jst press it n konwing everything,but disapointed our currency is 2 low
Nazeer Fri 19 Jun, 2015

I appreciate your message alert services, it is timely updated and correct. One of my friend recommend me your website for all these updates. I also want to receive your alerts plz inform me how I can activate this service on my mobile network, I have Mobilink network. Thanks
Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan Tue 16 Jun, 2015

I noticed it, before budget FY2015-16 US$ Dollar were down, and it was remain down after budge, but it is now again up little bit. Inflation is already boost, food to water all basic necessity of life are uncontrollable. Ramadan is coming what is happening?
Dilawar Bin Abbas Mon 15 Jun, 2015

dear mushahid shahab, what happened if liquid foreign reserves of Pakistan reached highest in history?
Mumtaz Malik Wed 10 Jun, 2015

Dated from May 21: The Foreign Exchange Reserves of Pakistan, after May 21, open market currency exchange of US$ Dollar prices were high almost at 104, now it is 102.75 selling and buying 102.50 in the local market. Therefore, the total liquid foreign reserves, The total liquid foreign exchange reserves of the country stood at $17.73903 billion on May 8, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said Thursday. A statement issued here said the foreign reserves held by SBP were $ 12.54909 billion and the net foreign reserves held by other banks amounted $ 5.18904 billion. During the week ending May 8, SBP's liquid foreign exchange reserves increased by $ 33 million to $12.550 billion compared to $12.517 billion in the previous week.
Mushahid Saeed Tue 09 Jun, 2015

afghan currency seling rate today
jamshed Tue 19 May, 2015

your web page is really informative for me. this for helping and providing these currency rates to your followers. i want you to send currency rate of all top 10 leading countries. THANKS
Inam ul Haq Fri 15 May, 2015

Pakistan has accepted the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) demand of increasing its gross official foreign currency reserves to $15.43 billion by June this year – a move that will help reduce external vulnerabilities but may bring rupee-dollar parity under pressure. The government will also have to arrange additional $1.34 billion in three months to fulfil the IMF’s condition, show documents released by the IMF on Tuesday. By end March 2015, the gross official reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan stood at roughly $11.6 billion including the latest tranche of $500 million released by the Fund. Overall, the SBP will have to raise roughly $3.8 billion — on average $1.3 billion per month in the remaining period. The understanding was reached during the sixth review meeting of the $6.6 billion three-year bailout programme. The government is expecting $1 billion policy loan from the World Bank, $400 million by the Asian Development Bank besides receiving another tranche of over $500 million from the IMF. At the beginning of the current fiscal year, Pakistan’s gross official foreign currency reserves were $9.1 billion. The IMF is of the view that the plunge in oil prices provides an opportunity to boost reserve accumulation and reduce external vulnerabilities. It said the government has agreed to increase Net International Reserve (NIR) targets – calculated by excluding reserves related liabilities, for forthcoming reviews.
Fasih Shah Thu 07 May, 2015

Hy if anyone want to cash a riyal thn give it to me plzzz rate 27 in lahore contact 03238417481
Ali Tue 05 May, 2015

Very good web side
mubasher jutt Sun 03 May, 2015

What is the selling rate of British pond as we compare to the Pakistani currency? Is it stable in this week or not?
Fayzan Yaqoob Mon 27 Apr, 2015

This currency inter bank portal is a very helpful for me because my father is living in the saudi arabia, I am here because I am studying.
Haris Sohail Mon 27 Apr, 2015

Total liquid foreign reserves held by the country, including net reserves held by banks other than the SBP, stood at $16.7bn, up nearly 3% while net foreign reserves held by banks amounted to $5.08bn.
Sultan Jahangir Fri 24 Apr, 2015

Pakistan and China signed 53 agreements amounting to US$28bn, with 22 agrements of a government to government nature and the remaining involving the private sector. Majority of the agrements worth US$22bn involved extending finanacing to power projects from chinese banks, with the bulk of funds to pay for Chinese contractors selling equipment. US$6bn are to be spent on non-energy infrastructure while US$4bn will go towards building eastern transport linkages.
Saleem Riyaz Fri 24 Apr, 2015

Any one tell me that the currency exchange bank also exchange according to this up to date list of currency?
Ismail Moeen Wed 15 Apr, 2015

Prize Bond 750 Results 15th April: The denomination of prize bond Rs. 750 will hold at city Lahore, the draw results will be announced today in the evening time, Wednesday 15th, April 2015. According to the spokesman of National savings (Prize Bonds) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs. 1,500,000, while the three prizes are of Rs. Of 500,000 each has been reserved for 2nd position. Similarly, 3rd prizes of Rs. 9,300 will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well.
Baber Niazi Wed 15 Apr, 2015

Total liquid foreign reserves held by the country, including net reserves held by banks other than the SBP, stood at $16.7bn, up nearly 3% while net foreign reserves held by banks amounted to $5.08bn.
Riyaz Billu Fri 10 Apr, 2015

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