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 Petroleum Prices in Pakistan
20 Aug, 2014 Current Petrol Prices in Pakistan 2014 - Petroleum products summaries are proposed by the OGRA (Oil & Regularity Authority of Pakistan) to Ministry of Petroleum on every end of the month to decide new revision prices petroleum products for next month and on wards. General public can find current premium XL / petrol prices, Green XL / HSD (high speed diesel) prices, LSD (light speed diesel) prices, SKO (Kerosene oil) prices, E-10 Gasoline and HOBC (Hi-octane Blending compound) prices on Read more
Product Retail Price
HOBC      Rs. 131.26 /Ltr
Premium   Rs. 107.97 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel     Rs. 109.34 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel   Rs. 94.13 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. 98.07 /Ltr
Petroleum Products Prices in Pakistan

20 Aug, 2014 Find latest monthly revision / updated petroleum products prices in Pakistan on OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority) of Pakistan proposed a new petroleum products prices to Ministry of Petroleum of Pakistan on every end of the month, and then ministry of petroleum & natural resources decides it new revision prices for the next month. The proposed fuel prices by OGRA are based on international market of Oil & gas and its current position of up and down. Find premium XL / petrol prices, Green XL / HSD (high speed diesel prices, LSD (light speed diesel) prices, SKO (Kerosene oil) prices, E-10 Gasoline and HOBC (Hi-octane Blending compound) prices. Petroleum prices are causes major impact on Pakistan's economy and it is directly effects on general public.

 Petroleum Prices Archive
Date HOBC Premium HS Diesel LS Diesel Kerosene
May 01, 2014 Rs.131.26/Ltr Rs.107.97/Ltr Rs.109.34/Ltr Rs.94.13/Ltr Rs.98.07/Ltr
Apr 01, 2014 Rs.136.57/Ltr Rs.108.31/Ltr Rs.113.85/Ltr Rs.95.06/Ltr Rs.101.15/Ltr
Mar 01, 2014 Rs.137.73/Ltr Rs.110.03/Ltr Rs.116.75/Ltr Rs.101.24/Ltr Rs.108/Ltr
Nov 01, 2013 Rs.137.73/Ltr Rs.112.76/Ltr Rs.116.75/Ltr Rs.101.24/Ltr Rs.108/Ltr
Oct 01, 2013 Rs.140.47/Ltr Rs.113.24/Ltr Rs.116.95/Ltr Rs.101.24/Ltr Rs.108.13/Ltr
Sep 01, 2013 Rs.138.33/Ltr Rs.109.14/Ltr Rs.112.26/Ltr Rs.98.43/Ltr Rs.105.99/Ltr
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@Current Petrol Prices in Pakistan 2014. Please send me when petroleum prices revised, including Petrol / Premium, HSD-Diesel Prices, Kerosine Oil Prices, and HOBC. Thanks
Kamal Ahmed Tue 05 Aug, 2014

Can I get archive of 1 year back petrol prices in Pakistan ? aside from this, I just read on this web portal about the possible hike in petroleum prices for the month August 2014. I think it is should not be, it is already above right now it should be reduced further. Thanks
Saif Wed 23 Jul, 2014

tariq javed shb only corruption is not a thing in which everything will be normalized but also the main thing is system which is the base of economy of each country it bases, the new generation of pakistan is much busy in modeling,fashioing,giggying,kidding,gup shup with girls, just just just wasting their time ......they do not know what is awarness actually.......?? awarness of economy ,awarness of islam in each field.....think about this please
Ikbal Tue 22 Jul, 2014

please petrol 45 ropay ka kary ta ky mahegaye say chotkara mely mahengaye ke sabsy bady waja petrol aur deisel.khank you meya sahib.
Pressure Tue 08 Jul, 2014

diesel oil only 100..............0300-9487767
ali ahmed Sun 06 Jul, 2014

@Government of Pakistan, Where is your Ramadan gift for All Pakistanis and Muslims of Pakistan ? You have many options to gift a Nation, if you do not give it, think what are you doing now?
Umer Abdullah Thu 03 Jul, 2014

hum sub loog PML N ki shukar ghuzar ha aur rain ge itna kia ha ager thora sa mehgai ko control krin in garib logo duwa ha es party ko
Salman Tue 01 Jul, 2014

I am searching the Petrol Rates in Pakistan for 2 years, is it possible to send me all Petroleum Prices archive form 2012 to 2014. Specially Petrol prices in Karachi of 2014. Thanks
Sultan Wed 25 Jun, 2014

Patrol ky sath sath aman o aman py tavajoo di jy.plz
pakistsni Fri 20 Jun, 2014

Patrol ky sath sath aman o aman py tavajoo di jy.plz
pakistsni Fri 20 Jun, 2014

petroll ki prize mirpurkhas mai kam kari jae
zaryab Wed 18 Jun, 2014

Petrol Prices in Pakistan Should be reduced in this upcoming month.
Raheel Mon 16 Jun, 2014

plz petrol ki price kam ki jaye puri awam aap ki shukar guzar ho gi plz...........
Aslam Mon 02 Jun, 2014

ALI NAWAZ Sat 31 May, 2014

@Junaid, I agreed, I just want to add here, government should take immediate action to reduce utility prices and also solve energy crises. I appreciate that action has been taken for this.
Kamal Fri 30 May, 2014

I think petrol prices in Pakistan should be reduced because dollar rates are keep reducing
Junaid Thu 29 May, 2014

1 June se price phir brrh Rahi he,govt 1rupya km ke k able month 4 rupya brrha deti he Pak GOVT Zinda bad.
Zaheer Sat 24 May, 2014

Enter all results of prize bonds on easy access (list printed from State Bank Of Pakistan).
Ali Fri 23 May, 2014

I think the prices of petroleum products should low further, i appreciate this government they are taking steps to cool down this matter.
Israr Wed 14 May, 2014

i hope govt doing good works ,very good , hum petruleum price ko wel come kartey hein very good plz 100 par ley ayen
raheel Mon 05 May, 2014

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