Prize Bond List - Introduced back in 1960, Prize Bonds are known as gold investment and bearer security available in the denominations of PKR 200, PKR 750, PKR 1500, PKR 7500, PKR 15000, PKR 25000, and PKR 40000. Prize Bonds are issued in series sequence. Every series sequence comprise of one less than 1,000,000 bonds. Prize bond draws are c... Read More

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Prize Bond List Rs. 1500 & Rs. 100– Prize Bonds were introduced in 1960, with the Central Directorate of National Savings acting as the owner of the scheme and the State Bank of Pakistan. Prize Bond Read More

*For the prize bond draws to be held on or after 15th February, 2009.

List No of
Prizes Winning
Amount (Rs)
RS. 100/- 01 1st Prize 700,000
RS. 100/- 03 2nd Prize 200,000
RS. 100/- 1,199 3rd Prize 1,000
RS. 200/- 01 1st Prize 750,000
RS. 200/- 05 2nd Prize 250,000
RS. 200/- 2,394 3rd Prize 1,250
RS. 750/- 01 1st Prize 1,500,000
RS. 750/- 03 2nd Prize 500,000
RS. 750/- 1696 3rd Prize 9,300
RS. 1500/- 01 1st Prize 3,000,000
RS. 1500/- 03 2nd Prize 1,000,000
RS. 1500/- 1696 3rd Prize 18,500
RS. 7500/- 01 1st Prize 15,000,000
RS. 7500/- 03 2nd Prize 5,000,000
RS. 7500/- 1696 3rd Prize 93,000
RS. 15000/- 01 1st Prize 30,000,000
RS. 15000/- 03 2nd Prize 10,000,000
RS. 15000/- 1696 3rd Prize 185,000
RS. 25000/- 01 1st Prize 50,000,000
RS. 25000/- 03 2nd Prize 15,000,000
RS. 25000/- 1696 3rd Prize 312,000
RS. 40000/- 01 1st Prize 75,000,000
RS. 40000/- 03 2nd Prize 25,000,000
RS. 40000/- 1696 500,000 3rd Prize
As Salam o Alaikum Mujhe 40000 wala bond chahiye kitnay ka milay gah 1500 wali serial kitnay ki mily gi please help me 03084073135
Dilawar Hussain Zaidi Thu 16 Nov, 2017

very less profit on premium bondz
sakib khan Wed 15 Nov, 2017

Plźzzzzzzzz mera bond khulden mujhe bohot zarurat hai
komal Wed 15 Nov, 2017

How to fill his foam???
Alishba abid noor Wed 15 Nov, 2017

awaiting for draw result.
Afridi Wed 15 Nov, 2017

Wau graet I have win 10'0000 af287457 thank aalah jee
Hasham Wed 15 Nov, 2017

100 rs prize bond issued in the name of student welfare but charging income tax on such welfare specially from student is not understandable. Govt may kindly exempt income tax on such welfare winning prize bonds.
jamil Wed 15 Nov, 2017

200 waly 5 bond chaiy
noor hussain Wed 15 Nov, 2017

sb Wed 15 Nov, 2017

salam.7500,walay ka draw no sahi karay draw no 72,wala
ali Wed 15 Nov, 2017

best of luck to every body for tommorow draw including me....
cute hasi Tue 14 Nov, 2017

Would you like to tell me the process of purchasing Rs. 40000 premium Prize bond? I have few prize binds of Rs. 750, Rs. 200 and Rs.100 but this time I want to invest the huge amount and check my luck.
danish Mon 13 Nov, 2017

I kept my Rs. 15000 prize bond for two years but I could not win any time, now finally I decide to sell my prize bond. I will definitely convert my amount into some low amount prize bonds.
saba Mon 13 Nov, 2017

On Wednesday, the list of Rs. 1500 prize bond will be available on this page. I am anxiously waiting because I much need to win the prize to fulfill me desire, I am just praying to be lucky.
zahid Mon 13 Nov, 2017

Unfortunately I couldn’t win the prize in the draw of Rs. 200 prize bond but I am not worried because I won the third prize of Rs. 200 draw at the beginning of the year that’s why I am keeping it and thinking to buy few more.
arshad Mon 13 Nov, 2017

Two months back I invested my saving in Rs. 25000 prize bond and purchased a pair of this prize bond. The upcoming draw of Rs. 25000 will be my first draw in which I can participate, Insha Allah I will win because I am very lucky in this field.
akbar Mon 13 Nov, 2017

This time my forth draw of Rs. 7500 prize bind in which I was participated but couldn't success to win, I am very disheartened and thinking to exchange my all prize bond of Rs. 7500 with Rs. 100 because I can buy much quantity of this prize bond instead of it.
asim Mon 13 Nov, 2017

Well, it is difficult to guess about the lucky number who nominate for the Prize because it is totally computerized, it just a game of luck and I wish that in upcoming draw of Rs. 750 prize bond I will be lucky.
mujeeb Mon 13 Nov, 2017

I have five prize bonds of Rs. 100 with same numbers, I wish that I win the draw because If I win, I will definitely get the five prizes. I have also some other single bonds of the same prize.
junaid Mon 13 Nov, 2017

how to fill this form?
Idrees Sun 12 Nov, 2017