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Sulphur Bentonite

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Sulphur Bentonite
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Company: Aamir International
Model Number:
Country: Pakistan
Posted On: 23 Apr 2016
Product Offer: sulphur bentonite
Contact Person: Aamir Sohail
Telephone: 92-66-2240104
Mobile Number: 92-333-6004457
Product Description
Sulphur is one of the macro elements which is essential for the strong growth of plants. Omansulf-90 is recommended for all crops, as Sulphur is required by plants to build proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and is essential in metabolic reactions. SULPHUR IN AGRICULTURE (4TH Macronutrient) The value of Sulphur farming, then has reached such an enormous degree that ‘S’ has stood in the fourth place after the nutrients N. P. K Important to crop yield and quality 1. Improves soil conditions 2. Promotes efficient absorption and metabolism of NPK 3. Essential to synthetic and catalytic plant reactions Other distinctive features of our Omansulf-90 are: 1. Release of phosphate and micronutrients 2. Less crusting 3. Faster water penetration 4. Faster Water runoff 5. Removes sodium and Decreases soil alkalinity 6. Better aeration of soil Along with the above benefits of Omansulf-90 it also helps in softening of soil and to reduce the salting problem associated with calcareous soils. The result of implementing Omansulf-90 as a soil amendment tool will be greater nutrient availability and plant growth, thus improving crop yield, quality, improve plant health and profitability. Omansulf-90 produced on a Sohar Sulfur factory, system is consistently sized, free flowing and easy to handle, store and apply. The product has very low dust content and therefore complies with the highest environmental standards.
Basic Information
Quantity Available:
Minimum Order:
Price for Minimum Order:
Packaging: 25 kg
Related Categories: Agriculture , Fertilizer
Contact Information
Contact Person: Aamir Sohail
Company: Aamir International
Address: Kot Addu, Multan, Karachi, , Pakistan
Telephone: 92-66-2240104
Fax: 92-0-
Mobile Number: 92-333-6004457
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sulphur bentonite
Dear Aslam, We can deliver any Quantity to Hyderabad - please call to our local agent or international office 0096897477172, We will give you very competitive rates. specify your Quantity first,
Aamir Sohail Sun 18 Dec, 2016

Please update price of Sulphur Bentonite? and quantity, delivery to Hyderabad
Aslam Tue 13 Dec, 2016

Dear Kamal, Thanks for your inquiry , please specify your QTY and location where you required the product. We shall send you the Quotation. you may also visit our page and you can call to 0662240104
Aamir Tue 25 Oct, 2016

I required fertilize Sulphur Bentonite, what is the price of it?
Kamal Mon 17 Oct, 2016

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Sulphur Bentonite by Aamir International at a premier Business to Business marketplace and largest online business directory. Find Sulphur Bentonite from Pakistan complete basis & contact information, business offers, availability & related Agriculture products.

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