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Vee belts
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Company: A&S Conveyor Belts Co, Ltd
Model Number:
Country: China
Posted On: 20 Dec 2016
Product Offer: DAYCO V Belts
Contact Person: Ford Wu
Telephone: 86-28-61152008
Mobile Number: 86-130-08158737
Product Description
Vee belts We can supply vee belts with Fenner, Poly,MITSUBOSHI,OPTIBELT,BANDO,Optibelt,DONGIL,etc If you are interested in vee belts,please feel free to contact us and offer us the model number.We will try our utmost to offer you detailed information and our best price.Certainly anything you want to inquire will be highly appreciated. Besides vee belts,we can also supply belts with belows: 1. V BELTS with brands of GATES,DAYCO,MITSUBOSHI,PIX,BANDO,DUNLOP,FENNER,GOODYEAR,MITSUBISH,etc 2. toothed belt with brands of BANDO,MAEDLER,OPTIBELT,LIGHT-HOUSE,LIBOSE,PIX,GATES,MITSUBOSHI,MISUMI,HABASIT,HYUNDAI,etc 3. transmission belt with brands of CVT,DAYCO,Fenner,Contitech,Goodyea,BANDO,etc 4. motor pulley belt with brands of Maytag,Cummins,DAEWOO,Sanyo,SCHAEFFLER,MITSUBISHI,Optibelt,Volvo,ATLAS COPCO,Sony,etc 5. fan belts with brands of DAYCO,Honda,Jeep Cherokee,Cummins, Gates,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Universal,etc 6. steel conveyor belt with brands of Dupont, MITSUBOSHI,etc 7. industrial belt with brands of DAYCO,Jason,Goodyear,Gates,etc 8. polyurethane belts with brands of Eagle,BANDO,Gates,Megadyne,HONGSBELT,etc 9. mining conveyor belt with brands of GATES,BOCHUANG,ZHONGMEI,etc 10. modular belt with brands of Habasit,KVP,etc 11. agricultural conveyor belts with brands of HONGKAI,Kinglandbelt,SOUTH,JUKI,etc 12. flat belt with brands of Habasit,MITSUBOSHI,SAMPLA,GEMETEL,Esband,BANDO,ESBAND,Yamaha,GOODYEAR,etc 13. car belt with brands of GATES,MITSUBOSHI,BANDO,CONTITEC,HONG'SBELT,Ever-Power,Fenner,GAIBI,PIX,MOUNTAINROPE,MEGA MAX,MISUMI,etc 15. serpentine belt with brands of Honda,NISSAN ALTIMA,DAYCO,PT,Bando,Mercedes,Dodge,Goodyear, Jeep Cherokee,Cummins,Mazda,Nissan,Hyundai,etc 16. timing belts with brands of DAYCO,CRV,ISUZU RODEO,MITSUBOSHI,MXL,PT,SYNCHROFLEX,UNITTA,ISUZU RODEO,Odyssey,Bando,Daewoo,Dodge Neon,Kevlar,Ford,Goodyear,Polyurethane,Kevlar,Contitech,Chrysler,Mazda,etc 17. rubber belts with brands of Gates,Pioneer,DONGIL,MITSUBOSHI,UNITTA,GEMETEL,Farman,OPTIBELT,GOODYEAR ,MOUNTAINROPE,PIX,etc
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Related Categories: Automobiles & Motorcycles , Auto Accessories
Contact Person: Ford Wu
Company: A&S Conveyor Belts Co, Ltd
Address: 2nd Floor,Xinhe Linghang building,Xingsheng Road,Gaoxing District, , , China
Telephone: 86-28-61152008
Fax: 86-28-86129221
Mobile Number: 86-130-08158737
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