Company: Jinan Pengbo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Model Number: 17146-86-0
Country: China
Posted On: 20 Nov 2015
Contact Person: Gilbert
Telephone: 86-531-82687186
Mobile Number: 86-132-20612567
Product Description
Applications: 1, as a methyl supplier in feed additive, it can save methionine partially; 2, phagostimulant in feed of aquatic livestock; 3, regulate osmotic pressure, moderate stress, promote fat metabolism and protein synthesis, increase meat factor and enhance curative effect of anticoccidial drugs; 4, it is raw materials of medicines for antineoplastic, antihypertension and anti-peptic ulcer, also treatment of gastrointestinal dysfunction and liver disease.
Product Specifications
Item Standard Betaine Monohydrate =98% Moisture =15% Heavy Metals =20PPM Particle Size 20-100 Mesh Grade Feed Grade, Food Grade, Pharma Grade Package 25Kg/ PE Bag, Fiber drum, Carton
Location: Jinan,China
Quantity Available: 1000000kg
Minimum Order: 25kg/drum
Price for Minimum Order: negotiable
Packaging: 25kg/plastic bag 1 plastic bag/drum
Payment Options: T/T L/C
Shipping Terms: FOB.CIF,C&F
Related Categories: Chemicals , Fine Chemicals
Contact Person: Gilbert
Company: Jinan Pengbo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Address: Rm6-1-302,Dinghao Plaza, Jinan, China., Jinan, Shandong, China
Zip/Postal: 250000
Telephone: 86-531-82687186
Fax: 86-132-
Mobile Number: 86-132-20612567

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