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potassium sulphate 7778-80-5
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Model Number: lx-04
Country: China
Posted On: 22 Dec 2016
Contact Person: Mary
Telephone: 86-182-35186128
Mobile Number: 86-182-18235186
Product Description
Product Feature: Potassium Sulfate is colorless or white hexagonal or rhombic crystal or granular powder. The relative density is 2.662.The inversion point is 588?, the melting point is 1069 and the boiling point is at 1689?. It is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol, acetone and carbon bisulfide. It tastes bitter and salty. Applications: Potassium Sulfate is mainly used as smoke suppressor for bomb in military industry. It is a chemical fertilizer applied in agriculture and a constituent of potassium salt. It is also used as a intermediate in dyeing, a clarifying agent in glass industry, a release inhibitor in medicine , an accessory ingredient in aromatics industry and all-purpose additives in food industry. It is also used in biochemical inspection of serum protein. Handling and Storage:Store in ventilated and dry house with the package sealed away from moisture. Prevent the material from rain in case to be dissolved and lost during transportation.
Product Specifications
Inspection Item Standard Purity 99%Min Chloride 0.002%Max Iron 0.01%Max Magnesium 0.01%Max Calcium 0.03%Max Insoluble matter in water 0.8%Max PH 6-8 Size 5% Appearance White crystal
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Location: CHINA
Quantity Available: 300MT per day
Minimum Order: 1 MT
Price for Minimum Order: USD500
Packaging: Packing in 25/50 PP/PE bag
Payment Options: T/T,L/C
Related Categories: Chemicals , Chemical Products
Contact Person: Mary
Address: 14thFloor,NO.Building PingYangJingYuan, Taiyuan Shi, Shanxi, China
Zip/Postal: 030001
Telephone: 86-182-35186128
Fax: 86-351-8063206
Mobile Number: 86-182-18235186
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