Agriculture Products in Pakistan Backbone of the Pakistan’s economy, agriculture accounts for 21% of the GDP and together with agro-based products obtains 80% of the country’s total export earnings. It earns bread and butter for more than 48% of the labor force. The agriculture sector of Pakistan contributes more than 26 % to the GDP, more importantly it is the largest employing sector as it absorbs around 45 % of the country's labor force, 70% of exports are agricultural & agri-processed products. Corporate Agriculture Farming Package is being developed. Pakistan has an agriculture base of more than 79.6 million Hectares of total area with 22 million Hectares land under cultivation. 18 million Hectares of land is under cultivation through irrigation system while 4 million Hectares of land relies its cultivation exclusively on rain. Agriculture sector of Pakistan is a primary supplier of raw materials to various industries, contributing significantly to exports, and it also proves to be a major market for other products like fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, and other agricultural tools.

Agriculture Industry of Pakistan Pakistan has a comparative advantage in the region with vast areas of cultivable wasteland available and a strong potential for expansion of agriculture base. The large local agricultural market of Pakistan is increasing at 29% per year with an internationally competitive unit cost of production for all major crops, fruits & vegetables at a very low transportation cost, and developed routes to neighborhood countries. Pakistan has two basic crop seasons, winter season and summer Season. The winter season crops include Cotton, Rice, Sugarcane, Maize, Sugar Beet and Gram. The summer crops include Wheat, Millet, Sorgham, Barley, Tobacco, and various Pulses. Agricultural Popular searches at : Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Sugarcane, Maize, Oilseeds, Coarse Grains, Pulses , Fertilizers, Pesticides, Tractors, Agriculture Machinery, Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds
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