Apparel & Fashion - The Apparel & Fashion industry of Pakistan playing an important role and has a high impact on the economy of Pakistan. Fashion is a way of expressing creativity, and the business of fashion is not only about attractive style and pretty models but a multi-dimensional enterprise involving many people, each making their contribution to the bigger picture of this industry. The fashion industry showcases Pakistan the world over; it has played the role of developing a great image of our country as a stylish and creative one fashion as a vehicle for expressing ideas and personal creativity(interest), The royalty of the fashion industry can surely resuscitate the creativity in Pakistan’s fashion scene. Pakistani clothes express the Culture of Pakistan, the Demographics of Pakistan and regional Cultures. Dress in each regional culture reflect weather conditions, way of living and distinctive style which gives it a unique identity among all cultures.

Apparel & Fashion - The fashion designers of Pakistan have not only made their name within the country, but also across the borders. Every year new designers come up with their latest collection to keep the eyes of the people open wide. The fashion designers not only concentrate on traditional wear or cultural costume, but also come up with the eastern and western types of dress, with their stunning, unparallel collection. All of them have their collection for men and women alike. Every designer has its different and unique collection and brings forth something different from the others. There is no limit to the fashion designers in Pakistan. Every year, we see new names coming up. More and more people are choosing the fashion industry to make their future bright. Presently, the fashion industry of Pakistan comprises of three fashion councils. They are the Pakistan Fashion Design Council(PFDC), Fashion Pakistan, and the Pakistan Fashion Council each of these have specific chairmen, and keep organizing fashion weeks to display the latest designs of the designers, to make them go popular all over the world.
Khans and Co Ltd
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Mansoor Ali 08 Nov, 2019

G.M. Chowdri & Sons
Salam I need school sweater for my store which is located in karak kpk Kindly if you give some price so that I can visit to your shop 20 and 22 size sweater 24,26 and 28 30 and 32 34 and 36 Only in school uniform (black, meroon, gray. Blu etc
Amjad 14 Oct, 2019

Kay & Emms (Pvt) Ltd.
I want to open a garments shop for kids.can u send me the detail of ur products and minimum order?
Muzamil 06 Oct, 2019