Arts & crafts - Products made with or without the use of machine or tool, simple implements or implements operated directly by the craftsman, by hand or foot, having traditional or artistic features driven from the geographical or regional cultural characteristic of craftsman, and generally on a small or cottage industry and not on mass production basis. Arts and Crafts or Handicrafts are the most striking expressions of the individualities of Pakistan regional’s identities. Pakistani handicrafts are the integrated part of the Pakistani culture. Eighty different kinds of handicrafts are produced in Pakistan. Quality of craftsmanship has been diminishing. Need of development and promotion in this sector. Crafts & handicrafts of PakistanHandicrafts reflect the culture, tradition and aesthetics of the artisans who create them. It draws a line between a thing that is skillfully handmade to what is mass produced, and therefore grabs the attention to the skill and endeavors of the craftsman him/herself. The actual beauty of a piece of handicrafts certainly depends on the transparency of material, the glimpses of a culture and touch of art. Pakistan has a rich history of handicrafts. The entire wealth of timeless Pakistani handicrafts has survived through ages. The legacy of Pakistani culture promises everything- beauty, dignity, form and style. These handicrafts radiate an aura of glory, exhibit hereditary skills and show painstaking craftsmanship.

Arts & crafts - Handicrafts of Pakistan are just another precious stone in the bejeweled crown of Pakistani culture and heritage. Be it intricately decorated metal craft or some marvelous marble inlay work or some exquisite paintings, Pakistani handicrafts are going places with their ethnic designs and flourishing textures. The time stands testimony to the evolving of the art and craft as the civilization grew from cave to the modern cities and now Pakistani handicraft is the integrated part of the Pakistani culture leaving the whole world amazed and wanting for more. The immense magic created by the Pakistani hands is visible from the timeless artistry of the dazzling semi precious jewelry, exquisite furniture, colorful toys and dolls, shaping gold, silver, brass, the rock paintings in caves, precious and semi-precious stone jewelry beautiful paintings Brass, Onyx & Wood Crafts, Brass, onyx and wood, carving on Metal & Wood items, Carpets & Textile, Knotted woolen carpets, bedspreads and shawls, mirror embroidery, Pottery, Ceramics and glazed pottery, Furniture, Jewelry & Leather goods, Metalwork, including inlaid or engraved swords, boxes, dishes, and tea sets made from silver and gold, pearls, necklaces, bracelets, rings and enthralling sculptures.
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I am a manufacturer of Katha duppatta in West Bengal, Kolkata. I am looking for importers in Pakistan. Please contact
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