Pakistan Chemical Industries - Chemical is a substance made up of different stuff dissolved by chemically. Chemical substances can be found in the form of solid, liquid, gas, or plasma and can be changed into any of these forms by changing in temperature and pressure. These changes effect on matter conditions. Pakistan has a number of chemical companies of various chemical products like chemical Dyestuffs, Electroplating, find out the country’s best chemical manufacturing companies on
Kohinoor Chemical Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
My name is Mohammad Zeeshan. I have been purchasing Tibet's products for last some years on cash basis but last few months your distribution staff is not contacting me. I run my own business to supply general items in korangi and Landhi. I want to buy Tibet products on cash basis so, please contac
Mohammad Zeeshan 03 Jun, 2019

ICI Pakistan Limited
Dear sir It is stated that we have established a trading company in Oman and for that we need Sada Ash Dense. Therefore, we want to deal for a long term for that send me a price of soda ash dense per ton. Further negotiations would be appreciated. Thanks Usman
Usman 26 Apr, 2019

Master Paints Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Dear Sir, I am a DAE chemical and want to job in your company. My 3 year experience of alkyd Resin in brighto paints.
Sajjad Hussain 24 Apr, 2019