Pakistan Chemical Industries - Chemical is a substance made up of different stuff dissolved by chemically. Chemical substances can be found in the form of solid, liquid, gas, or plasma and can be changed into any of these forms by changing in temperature and pressure. These changes effect on matter conditions. Pakistan has a number of chemical companies of various chemical products like chemical Dyestuffs, Electroplating, find out the country’s best chemical manufacturing companies on
Progressive Associates (Pvt) Ltd.
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Peter Graham Lancashire 29 Dec, 2018

We AGS-OIL Representatives to major refinery in Russia Federation with allocation for; D2DIESEL OIL GOST 305-82, JP54,JETFUEL, AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE, UREA 46%/PRILLS, LNG, LPG, REBCO, MAZUT100 GOST 10585-75/99, AUTOMOTIVE GAS OIL(AGO Our seller are reliable, responsible and capable to s

Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited
Dear thanks a lot for feedback in fact i want to to import Halal gelatin for foodstuff industry to my country in Iran with below specifications: but if you cant sell to iran ,i can also give our office in DUBAI. BLOOM:180-200 PARTICLE:30-50 VISC:36 1000KG regards: fallahi
FALLAHI 01 Dec, 2018