Pakistan Chemical Industries - Chemical is a substance made up of different stuff dissolved by chemically. Chemical substances can be found in the form of solid, liquid, gas, or plasma and can be changed into any of these forms by changing in temperature and pressure. These changes effect on matter conditions. Pakistan has a number of chemical companies of various chemical products like chemical Dyestuffs, Electroplating, find out the country’s best chemical manufacturing companies on
Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
Dear Sir, We are Trader Business Name Absolute Chemical Traders In Karachi Pakistan. Our Customer Required S.No. Particular Qty (kgs) 1 Cabot Carbon Black 25.00 2 Degussa Carbon Black 25.00 Please provide rates and TDS. Regards Shahbaz Jama
SHAHBAZ JAMAL 09 Nov, 2019

Dear Sir We can supply you different petrochemicals and chemicals from Russia.If you are willing to import please let me know
Waqar Adel 22 Sep, 2019

Puri Chemical Company
I want purchase chemicles
Khubaib nazir 12 Sep, 2019