Health is the common state of a person in all aspect. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic performance of an organism, seldom unreservedly human. Where as, medical is kind of a service usually provided by hospitals and clinics. Find the health and medical care organization on
High-Q Pharmaceuticals
Sir assalamowlykum. I need high q pharmacy products for Balochistan district jaffarabad. This district is big and and more cities around it. I. Hope for your products and I try my best to complete company target.
Naseebullah 12 Apr, 2019

Biotech Pharmaceuticals
Asalamo Alaikom dear. I found that you are poultry medicine suppliers, Please provide me quotation for a list of items you supply which is used in chicks feed.
Kazim 01 Apr, 2019

High-Q Pharmaceuticals
Dear sir,I'm working at tabba heart hospital as a senior pharmacy officer and purchaser from the department of supply chain management. I am a registered pharmacist I have no work experience of any pharmaceutical company. My documents would be ready,if interested so please contact me on above mentio
Areej khalid 29 Mar, 2019