Arif Usmani appointed as new NBP President


Islamabad: Arif Usmani is now appointed as the new president of National Bank of Pakistan as Ministry of Finance released the notification on Tuesday (yesterday).

For the post of NBP President, name of Arif Usmani is now approved by the federal cabinet. However, the notification of his appointment is also released. His name was approved in November 2018, but the Ministry of Finance held the notification as he sought the delay in order to wrap up his affairs at the previous organization, according to an official of the finance ministry.

However, Arif Usmani had requested a delay in the notification to ensure clearance of dues and release of service at the Mashreq Bank Dubai, where he was working as the head of risk management since November, 2017, the official added.

Before his employment at Mashreq Bank, Mr Usmani was director of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) in Egypt and global head of wholesale banking at the ADIB since 2012.


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