HBL CEO Aurangzeb elected as Pakistan Banks Association Chairman


CEO and President of Habib Bank Limited, Muhammad Aurangzeb, became the Pakistan Banks Association Chairman after PBA elections.

Pakistan Banks Association Chairman elections conducted at Karachi and HBL CEO Muhammad Aurangzeb won the post. However, he replaced CEO and President of Soneri Bank, Aftab Manzoor.

In last few years, Aftab Manzoor, Imran Maqbool from MCB Bank, and Shahzad Dada from Standard Chartered Bank served as Pakistan Banks Association Chairman.

Muhammad Aurangzeb has a vast experience of about 30 years in the banking and finance industry. In 2018, he came back to Pakistan after working with several key financial institutions outside Pakistan.

He is the former employee of JP Morgan and joined Habib Bank Limited which has seen tough circumstances due to the huge penalties that were imposed by US authorities. However, it will not be a simple task for him to manage PBA actively along with doing recovery efforts for HBL at the same time.


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