PTI government is far behind meeting some goals, report


According to reports, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf or PTI government is believed to have missed some goals of 100 day agenda.

PTI government did not meet some goals of the 100 day agenda. However, clean drinking water and job creation strategy are few of them. In October’s meeting, the cabinet was informed about different measures and the progress up till done in first 100 days.

The major progress made on several coveted areas in the meeting. However, some areas still need further concentration to meet the 100 days deadline.

The government has communicated to give assets to the tribal territory advancement, it anticipates that areas will give 3% each out of their distributed offer in the National Finance Commission (NFC) grant hence.

What’s more, it was featured in the cabinet meeting that to get monetary assets, the NFC would be required to choose, be that as it may, the new commission hasn’t yet been established.

In spite rehashed solicitations to areas, they have declined to assign people till now for the setting up of the commission.

It was notified that the job creation strategy would need to be concocted and reported by November 15.

In such manner, no solid measures have been taken. Furthermore, to meet this target, the different division would need to take activities under the supervision of the ministry of finance.


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