Several Pakistani banks suspend international transaction by debit card


Different Pakistani banks suspended the use of debit and debit cards for the international transactions.

Pakistani banks disabled international transactions or international ATM cash withdrawal through debit or credit cards. However, they sent messages to their customers and informed them about the news.

Banks in Pakistan sent message to customers that the debit card has been temporarily disabled for international ATM cash withdrawal as a security measure. However, they can use the debit cards for the local transactions.

A few days back, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued instructions to Pakistani banks after the Bank Islami cyber attack.

The State Bank has educated banks to take every vital measure to follow the weakness and fix it promptly. Bank Islami has likewise been told to issue warning on careful steps to be taken by clients.

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In addition, The national bank discharged an announcement after the occurrence, because of security break of cards of one of the banks in Pakistan and their unapproved use on various conveyance channels i.e. at ATMs and POS in various countries.


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