Complete e-branches list in Pakistan for fresh currency notes issuance


State Bank of Pakistan revealed the complete e-branches list in Pakistan for the issuance of fresh currency notes.

The e-branches will offer fresh currency notes in exchange of old ones. Here is the complete list by SBP regarding all e-branches in Pakistan.

How to get new currency notes?

The method is much straightforward as you simply need to send your CNIC No. and branch code of bank to 8877. Charges will be Rs. 2 + Tax. When you will send the message, you will get in reply the transaction number and branch address. Notwithstanding, every mobile number and CNIC No. must be utilized for only one time. Furthermore, no transaction number will be given on the off chance that you send same CNIC No. from another mobile phone number.

You need to demonstrate your CNIC (original) at the time of accepting fresh currency notes. Every person will get 3 bundles of Rs. 10, and one bundle of Rs. 100 and Rs. 50.


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