FIA is taking strict action against Dollar hoarding in Pakistan


Federal Investigation Agency is doing operation against dollar hoarding, money laundering, and other illegal means that devalue Pakistani Rupee.

Wisal Fakhar Sultan, the FIA Islamabad Director issued bearings to the business banking circle to make a move against every one of those associated with dollar hoarding.

The FIA struck an unlawful cash trade and arrested one person from Rawalpindi today. They captured Shahnawaz Khan and furthermore reallocated receipts, registers and a PC which were being utilized in the unlawful deal and buy of remote cash.

A FIR was enlisted against the cash changer and an examination propelled. In a comparable crackdown, the FIA group appropriated a vehicle from Peshawar Road in Rawalpindi and recuperated outside cash worth Rs2.4 million from it.

A senior FIA official said the crackdown against dollar accumulating and tax evasion would proceed. In accordance with the government’s orders, the FIA Punjab likewise propelled a crackdown against dollar storing in the territory.


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