PIA night flights in Peshawar resumes after four years


Pakistan International Airlines or PIA night flights will resume in Peshawar after the long duration of 4 years.

PIA night flights in Peshawar will allow the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or KPK after revising the flight schedule. Four years ago, the night flight was discontinued because of the aviation safety concerns.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik, CEO and President of PIA, thanked Mian Soomro, Aviation Minister for the vigorous efforts and the prompt action. However, it is also for his effort to resolve the matter with all the concerned quarters.

In addition, the issue was also highlighted to the minister for aviation during the visit to PIA head office on last Friday.

After the removal of the restriction, the flight schedule is updated. PIA will revise the Peshawar flight schedule and added more flights for the convenience of KPK public. However, earlier, they were facing the difficulty during flight operations. According to sources, the decision will also provide high revenue to PIA.


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