Tax filing process in Pakistan should be simple, Asad Umar


Asad Umar requested Federal Board of Revenue or FBR about tax filing process in Pakistan to make it easy for individuals.

The tax filing process in Pakistan ought to be made straightforward, as Finance Minister Asad Umar ordered FBR today. He said that the measure of inquiries FBR approaches you for your profits is more than those asked when you are accepting a marriage proposal.

Asad Umar said that FBR ought to incorporate its database and just the system for filing taxes. He included that the FBR would give a disentangled tax framework in this financial plan.

Guidelines in Urdu will be accessible on the site. They won’t be covered up in some cabinet. We need to make straightforwardness.

Account Minister additionally said that the administration was bringing an advantage affirmation conspire. There ought to be no uncertainty that the plan will be fruitful when individuals realize they won’t probably cover up when it terminates.

FBR ability to achieve the individuals who are not covering the correct government expenses has definitely improved,” he pushed.

On the other side, government is taking tax on prize bonds winning amount from both filers and non-filers


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