Pak Rupee fall again in the interbank market today


In the interbank market today, the Pak Rupee fall against the US Dollar.

Pak Rupee fall in the interbank market by around 20 paisas. It was traded at Rs 134.7 and Rs 134.2 for selling and buying respectively.

Due to the Sino-US trade war concerns, followed by a steep sell-off in tech stocks, weakening outlook for corporate profits, and increasing US interest rates combined threaten to weigh heavily on the global market.

Pak Rupee increased by 90 paisas in relation to the euro for buying at Rs 152.80. It however, lost 80 paisas for selling at Rs 154.80.

Up till, Pakistan also not availed the IMF bailout. According to sources, tough conditions of IMF bailout package are making Pakistan reluctant to accept the program. However, conditions included the rise in energy prices, complete disclosure of the China financial aid, and to implement more taxes.

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