LG Electronics will directly recruit warranty service workers


Seoul: LG Electronics Inc revealed that they will directly recruit the 3,900 staff members for their service centers.

LG Electronics will directly hire about 3,900 warranty service workers. However, they revealed the news in response to the South Korean government’s order to create more jobs.

The technology giant said that they will hire workers from its several service centers located across the country. However, the decision not just enhances the employment opportunities but will also help the company to improve the service. Currently, workers from subcontractors are offering the warranty services.

LG said that the company is decided to directly recruit the staff members instead of the establishment of separate affiliate. However, it will help them to comply with the government’s policy to increase the number of quality jobs.

According to LG Electronics, the company will implement the new policy as soon as possible. In addition, the services provided to customers will not be affected by this transition.


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