Electricity Prices: NEPRA increased power tariff by 47 paisas per unit


National Electric Power Regulatory Authority or NEPRA increased power tariff by 0.47 Rupee per unit.

NEPRA increased power tariff in Pakistan by 47 paisas per unit for all power distribution companies excluding K-Electric. However, the hike is due to the fuel cost adjustment for the current month.

The cost of fuel increased in November while the consumers paid lower bills. According to NEPRA, the revised tariff will help them recover the lost amount. According to their notification, the tariff will not be altered for K-Electric, lifeline, and agricultural consumers.

On November 14, NEPRA gave the approval of hike of Rs0.41 per unit in the electricity prices. However, NEPRA took the decision in the public hearing over the petition filed by Central Power Purchasing Agency or CPPA.

The rise in electricity prices in Pakistan will add the cumulative burden of around Rs3.8 billion on the consumers. In addition, during last month, NEPRA also increased the prices on account of the fuel adjustment charges.


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