Federal govt invited Turkey to invest in Pakistan Railways


The federal government of Pakistan invited Turkey for the investment in Pakistan Railways.

For Pakistan Railways, country invited Turkey for the investment on Quetta-Gwadar and Quetta-Taftan Railway section to connect the port with different parts of region including the Central Asia.

Spokesperson for Pakistan Railways, Ali Nawaz Malik, revealed the news after the delegation of Raymisas, Talamsas, and Turkish State Railway companies visited the Railway Ministry. He further added that Turkey has displayed a keen interest for the up gradation of Pakistan Railways and its operations.

Quetta– Taftan Railway Line is one of the 4 primary railroad lines in Pakistan worked and kept up by Pakistan Railways. The line starts from Quetta station and finishes at Koh-e-Taftan station.

The all out length of this railroad line is 325 kilometers. There are 23 railroad stations from Quetta to Koh-e-Taftan. The line at that point crosses into Iran and reaches out to Zahedan.

However, Pakistan will likewise profit by the experience of Turkey and it will be helpful for economies of both the nations.


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