Gas crisis in Karachi is adversely affecting industries, Saleem Parekh


President of SITE Association of Industry, Saleem Parekh showed his concern over gas crisis in Karachi from almost a week.

Saleem Parekh said that the gas crisis in Karachi is posing serious threats to industries. He showed serious concerns over the suspension of gas supply in Karachi from Saturday. He further added that it is such disastrous for the export industry. Saleem Parekh inquired that what the provincial and federal governments are doing.

He educated that exports of Pakistan in the long stretch of November 2018 have just decreased by 6.4% and just $1.84 billion of exports are noted. Presently with this situation of no gas, how enterprises can meet their target exports.

Saleem Parekh said that it is the incompetence of SSGC with over 14% un-accounted for gas (ufg) all in all and upto 41% ufg in interior Sindh. Sindh’s share has been occupied to Punjab without dealing with the requirements of Sindh. Sindh is delivering 73% of gas and uses just 36%, while Punjab is creating 5% of gas and taking 49%.

He bid Ministry of Commerce, Finance and Sindh Chief Minister to promptly mediate in this issue, before it is past the point of no return as non-accessibility of gas and expense of doing business in Sindh is deteriorating rapidly and these conditions and industrialists having no way out to stop down their processing plants and to laid off their employees.


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