Import of Pakistani Mango to China will be doubled by 2019


Faisalabad: Peng Zhengwu, Deputy Counsel General, Chinese Consulate in Lahore, said that the import of Pakistani Mango to China will be significantly increased.

Import of Pakistani mango to China to be increased as it will be doubled by next year. Peng Zhengwu revealed the news during his visit to the Confucius Institute, University of Agriculture Faisalabad. He said that the Pakistan China relations in agricultural sector are strengthening.

Peng Zhengwu said that the University of Agriculture Faisalabad and the Xinjiang Agriculture University were enjoying excellent cooperation among different areas including education, research and development programs.

Muhammad Hussain, UAF Registrar, said that the friendship of both countries is sweeter than honey, higher than Himalayas, and deeper than the sea.

Dr Ashfaq Chatha, Vice Chairman Confucius Institute at UAF, revealed that over 300 students and faculty members were sent to get education from China.


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