iPhone sales in South Korea estimated at 170,000 units during 1st week


Seoul: According to sources, Apple made great profit with iPhone sales in the South Korean industry.

Expected iPhone sales in South Korea are 170,000 units in a single week. iPhone XR, Max, and XS sales through the South Korea’s leading mobile carriers revealed. However, the amount is low to the around 60% compared with the release of iPhone X and iPhone 8 sales in 2017.

Around 180,000 iPhone 8 units were sold in the first week of its release. It was followed by the sales of 100,000 iPhone X units which was introduced 3 weeks later.

iPhone 256GB edition variant is available in South Korea with the 1.58 million Won. However, iPhone XR 64GB and iPhone Max 512 GB are available at 990,000 Won and 1.96 million Won respectively.

Earlier, Apple reported net profit increased to 32 percent to $14.1 billion on revenue that was up 20 percent to $62.9 billion.


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