KIA app launched to provide better customer service


South Korea’s second biggest car manufacturer by sales, KIA Motors Corp launched KIA app to improve the customer service experience.

KIA app or KIA VIK mobile app launched that allows users to review prices of KIA vehicles and other features.

Now, people can put their used cars up for auction, and look up their vehicles’ repair and maintenance records. In addition, they can also test drive the vehicles they are thinking to buy. In short, it offers services from the car buying to the sales of used cars.

KIA VIK application is the first of its type in the huge automobile industry of South Korea. However, it can be downloaded on Apple and Samsung smartphones by potential customers and the KIA vehicles.

KIA revealed that they are planning to introduce the settlement services on the KIA VIK app at the end of 2018. In addition, KIA is also planning to launch the Galaxy smartphone with pre-installed KIA VIK app from early 2019.


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