Low gas pressure is adversely affecting industrial production in SITE


Industrial units in Sindh Industrial Trading Estate or Site are facing trouble due to low gas pressure from several months.

Low gas pressure is affecting industrial production in SITE area from last 3 months. However, production activity is decreasing in the industrial area. In addition, companies are facing difficulties to meet their export orders on time due to the late delivery or shipping to the foreign buyers.

Saleem Parekh, SITE chairman, revealed that over 52% of the exports of Pakistan come from this area. However, it contributed around 64% in the total tax revenue.

Saleem Parekh said that industries in SITE are facing low gas pressure from several weeks and there is no gas supply on Sundays. He further added that on average, the industry faced losses of around Rs2.5 billion in a day. However, it directly affected exports, production and the collection of tax revenue.

On the other side, Saleem Parekh also showed concern over Sui Southern Gas Company or SSGC performance. He said that the gas supplier is failed to provide the uninterrupted gas supply to industries.


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