NEPRA increased electricity prices in Pakistan again


Islamabad: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority or NEPRA increased the electricity prices in Pakistan on Wednesday (yesterday).

NEPRA raised electricity prices in Pakistan by 0.57 Rupees per unit. However, the addition will be made in the consumer tariff for the former WAPDA distribution companies to make monthly fuel cost adjustment.

The higher prices for electricity used in December 2018 will be recovered from the customers in the next billing month. However, it will generate about Rs4.5 billion in the extra revenue to the distribution companies or Discos. NEPRA Vice Chairman Rehmatullah Baloch led the regular monthly public hearing in which the decision was taken to increase electricity prices in Pakistan.

However, in December 2018, NEPRA approved power tariff cut down by 31 paisas. It is due to the fuel cost adjustment for the month of November 2018. In addition, downward adjustment by NEPRA in power tariff extended the overall relief of 2 billion rupees to customers.


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