NEPRA increased the electricity prices in Pakistan today


Citizens are in trouble again as the electricity prices in Pakistan are now increased.

Electricity prices in Pakistan are increased by NEPRA or National Electric Power Regulatory Authority. Now, per unit rate is increased by Rs 0.81. Recently, prices of petroleum products is increased and now a raised is observed in power tariff.

The climb in power tax will put an extra money related weight of Rs5.2 billion on purchasers. The higher power costs in Pakistan don’t matter to K-Electric purchasers.

Swelling rose to 9.41% year-on-year, up from 8.21% in February, Bureau of Statistics information appeared on Monday, lifted by sharp ascents in sustenance, fuel and transport costs that have pressed family spending plans.

Also, last week, the national bank lifted its key arrangement rate by 50 premise focuses to 10.75%, refering to proceeding with inflationary weights just as high financial and current record shortages.

This as well as, Consumer value swelling has bounced forcefully over the previous year, moving from under 4% toward the beginning of 2018.

Electricity prices in Pakistan, specifically, have risen pointedly, and furthermore hit by a progression of a debasements of the rupee.


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