Pakistan Railway Fares: Ministry of Railways cleared all doubts


The Ministry of Railways cleared all the doubts related to the Pakistan Railway fares.

Pakistan Railway fares will not be decreased, as revealed by the official in the Ministry of Railways. He said that they are not considering any proposal about reduction in passenger fares. He further added that there are 132 passenger trains in total, out of which fares of just 20 trains have been raised by 3.8% to 15%. However, the fare of just one train was increased by 17%.

The official said that the increase in Pakistan Railway fares was due to the rise in fuel prices. However, during the last 12 months, petrol price in Pakistan was increased from Rs88.89 to Rs110.15.

He revaled that Pakistan Railways was interested in the operation of 2 non stop trains, Sir Syed Express and Jinnah Express. He further added that the Pakistan Railways was emphasizing on the betterment of basic facilities such as cleanliness of station platforms and trains, maintaining water supply, train lighting, and toiletries.


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