PIA debt reached at worrying Rs 247 billion benchmark


Pakistan International Airlines or PIA debt reached at the shocking level of Rs 247 billion.

PIA debt crossed Rs 247 billion as reported on Friday (yesterday). However, the Aviation Division revealed during the session to National Assembly that PIA received Rs198 billion from the government. In addition, PIA has the outstanding loan of Rs 41 billion based on organization’s assets.

At one time, PIA was considered among world’s best airlines. However, due to several reasons the national carrier is now facing a bad situation.

PIA earlier submitted the comprehensive report in the suo motu case regarding the irregularities in department. However, it is also stated that PIA accumulated Rs 356 billion losses including the losses of 2017.

The report submitted to the SC likewise perused that the national carrier does not have the capacity to enhance its execution given center competency holes in the entire association including the senior official authority. Reasons distinguished incorporate political arrangements and to a great degree poor HR rehearses while PIA as an association works like an obsolete government office as opposed to a cutting edge business.

The report additionally recognized that associations are likewise adversely affecting in day by day activities by impacting workers to ‘go moderate’ when they wish to apply weight to the administration. As of late, they have been doing an insulting effort to foil endeavors to tidy up HR rehearses.


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