PM Imran Khan will inaugurate Hyderabad Express on November 15


Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the Hyderabad Express on Thursday, November 15.

Hyderabad Express train will be inaugurated on November 15 by PM Imran Khan. Sheikh Rashid said that PTI chief will inaugurate the service. However, he was addressing the press conference here at the Railways headquarters.

The Railway Minister said that China will be given priority regarding the ML-1. In addition, China also offered gifting Pakistan the feasibility report of ML-2 and ML-3.

Sheikh Rashid said that China Railways deputy minister was coming to Pakistan, and this will help make progress on the Pakistan Railway issues. He also said that the approval of 86,000 vacancies is now endorsed and 10,000 of them are also advertised. He further added that Pakistan Railways Freight Transportation Company (PRFTC) got the approval to run 2 freight trains.

Dhabeji Express was facing issues and DS Karachi had been ordered to change the timings to facilitate workers.


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