PTI govt decides against privatization of Steel Mills, PIA, Railways


The privatization of 195 key organizations including PIA. Steel Mills, Railways, etc will not occur as announced by the government.

PTI govt decides against privatization of Railways, Steel Mills, PIA, and other organizations. However, the government urged to revive these companies.

In the federal cabinet meeting, 2 separate policies were announced. However, the first is about the rein in the bureaucracy so top officials follow the government policies. The other is about to deal with the 195 sick organizations.

During the federal cabinet meeting, it was also decided that Prime Minister Imran Khan will reveal the achievement of government during its first 100 days before November 29.

PTI govt decides against privatization and revealed that the 195 government organizations are facing severe issues and loses so the government can’t do their privatization. However, 7 experts from the private sectors and 3 federal ministers will be the part of BoG of the SPC.


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