Telecom Review Excellence Awards: PTCL named as Best Asian Operator


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited or PTCL grabbed the Asia’s best operator award.

PTCL won Best Asian Operator award at Telecom Review Excellence Awards 2018. However, the ceremony was held at Meydan Hotel Dubai.

CEO and President of PTCL, Dr Daniel Ritz, grabbed the Asia best operator award on the account of PTCL. The aim of awards is to recognize the industry leaders for their hard work and performance in 2018. In addition, winners were selected on the basis of demonstrated and recognized performances in their respective areas by the independent panel of the industry experts.

During the Telecom Review Excellence Awards 2018 ceremony, Dr Daniel Ritz revealed that it is the great pleasure to achieve the award, and he is proud of PTCL team who made it possible to acknowledged as Best Asian Operator.

PTCL took different key initiatives for the development of better customer service culture in the company, along with the network’s advancement. The company has overall gone through the cultural transformation. However, there is the renewed focus on the employee empowerment, gender diversity, and core values at workplace.


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