US drug companies increased prices of over 250 medicines


Prices of over 250 medicines are increased by the US drug companies as soon as the new year started.

US drug companies raised prices of more than 250 prescription medicines. However, Humira, one of the best selling medicines is also included in it. The pharmaceutical industry has seen great pressure by the US President Donald Trump to maintain and lower the prices. However, his government is working to lower the medication prices for customers in the country’s pharmaceutical industry.

On Wednesday, during the White House meeting with Cabinet members, Donald Trump revealed that he is expected to observe the significant decline in the drug prices. However, Alex Azar, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary was also present at the meeting.

The United States has more expensive rates than in different nations where governments specifically or in a roundabout way control the costs, making it the world’s most rewarding business sector for pharmaceutical companies.

HHS has proposed strategy changes gone for bringing down medication costs and passing a discounts consulted by wellbeing guarantors on to patients. Those measures are not expected to give alleviation to buyers for the time being, be that as it may, and miss the mark regarding giving government wellbeing organizations guide expert to arrange or manage medicine costs.


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