3G, 4G in Pakistan: Users hit the 60 million mark, PTA


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA revealed the new data about the number of people using 3G and 4G in Pakistan.

3G, 4G in Pakistan achieved a new land mark as number of users reached to 60.02 million during October 2018. The number of mobile phone users in Pakistan also hit 152.16 million at the end of October. However, they were 152.16 million by September 30.

Jazz 4G users reached at 6,113,701 that were 5,585,619 at the end of September. However, their 3G users have seen a decline of 0.43 million and reached at 14.41 million from 14.84 million.

Zong 4G subscribers jumped to 8,911,613 from 8,521,530 users in September. Their 3G subscribers are also decreased and reached at 8.75 million from 8.88 million.

Ufone 3G users increased by 0.245 million and reached at 8.103 million from 7.858 million in September.

Telenor 4G subscribers were increased and reached at 4,110,634 from 3,839,676. However, their 3G users were decreased and reached at 9.609 million from 9.947 million in September.


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