E-mart, LG Electronics will develop smart shopping cart robot


E-mart in collaboration with LG Electronics will manufacture the smart shopping cart robot.

LG Electronics will develop the smart shopping cart robot as the company signed agreement with E-mart Inc. The new robot will assist shoppers at the supermarkets.

E-mart Inc., a big retail company in South Korea, and LG Electronics jointly built a smart cart robot that will automatically follow shoppers and will identify obstacles.

LG revealed that the new robot will ease the shoppers from the hassle of pushing heavy carts. They said that their research lab will develop the robot. However, they are already developing robots under the umbrella of CLOi brand.

The full form of CLOi is clever, clear, close operating intelligence. LG Electronics is also making investments in some robotic firms. Bossa Nova Robotics, Acryl, and Robotis are few of them.

Up till LG revealed 8 different products under Cloi, Their product CLOi SuitBot is helping workers lift and move heavy objects easier as well.


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