FBR seeks to tax illegal mobile phones in Pakistan


Federal Board of Revenue or FBR is seeking approval in the country to put tax on smuggled mobile phones.

FBR is looking to tax illegal mobile phones in Pakistan as it will seek approval from the federal cabinet. However, the aim is to legalize the smuggled inactive phones after the duty’s payment.

According to FBR, the import of illegal phones in the market is causing heavy revenue losses to the government exchequer each year. As per sources, FBR made the plan to tax the smuggled mobile phones in Pakistan that are currently inactive and present at shops as the unsold stock.

Some officials revealed that all those phones become useless if duties are not paid on them at the closest customs point. In addition, such mobile phones, which are smuggled after the deadline, or before that, would not be activated.

Mobile phones that are recently in the use whether smuggled or legally imported would get exemption from the duty’s payment.


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