Google lists reasons why foreigners should do investment in Pakistan


Lars Anthonisen, Google’s Head of Large Customer Marketing, revealed reasons that why foreigners should invest in Pakistan.

Google listed 5 reasons that why foreigners should do investment in Pakistan. Lars Anthonisen is a firm believer that Pakistan is on the way to become the country with the highest digital audience in the world. However, it makes a country as a growing market for the investors.

Here are the five reasons that why foreigners should do investment in Pakistan:

SME Driven Economy

Lars Anthonisen said that by 2030 the economy of Pakistan will be the 4th fastest growing economy in the world. However, it will be driven by the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Internet Penetration

Lars Anthonisen revealed that the digital consumption in Pakistan is on the rise. He further added that numbers of internet users in Pakistan are around 4.46 million.

Fats Population Growth

The rapidly growing population of Pakistan means that the large number of people will go online each day. The rate of urbanization in Pakistan is also higher than different countries including India.

Chinese Investment and CPEC

Lars Anthonisen said that Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC is bringing huge investment in the country. He further added that the 820 km long fiber optic cable will also lay in Pakistan. However, it will connect more citizens with the digital world.

Rising number of smartphone users in Pakistan

Lars Anthonisen revealed that around 59 million people in Pakistan use smartphones. However, 83% of them use Android devices. In addition, smartphone price in Pakistan is also declining.


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