Intel is looking to push beyond phones with 5G network deals


Intel made a new statement that they are looking to push beyond the smartphones with 5G network deals.

A few months back, Intel Corp revealed about 5G network deals. They further elaborated about their new chips and partnerships that they hope will persuade its investors. However, the company has invested billion of dollars in the R&D for 5G infrastructure.

In terms of revenue, Intel is the 2nd largest chip maker in the world. Company’s chief executive, Bob Swan said that Intel’s future in 5G networks, which are expected to roll out this year and next and be much faster than current 4G networks, extends beyond selling modems to phone manufacturers.

Intel is also planning to sell modems to automakers for use in connected vehicles, as well as to manufacturers for use in connecting industrial equipment. And Intel also plans to land its other chips including processors and the so-called programmable chips.

The company is also looking to sell the flagship processors variants for utilization in 5G base stations. It assists carry mobile phone signals back to core networks.


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