New nanobots will be able to drill through eyeballs for drugs delivery


The advanced technology now enabled it tiny robots to deliver the drugs inside human bodies.

Now, nanobots can go through the eyeballs to deliver drugs. The propeller shaped tiny robots will deliver drugs to body through drilling of eyeballs without making any damage to them.

Bots are around 200 times smaller in the diameter than human hair. However, they have a non-stick coating that makes them simpler to pass through dense tissue. In addition, a magnetic material is also present in it so it can steer the external magnetic field.

Nanobots were tested with the injection of them into the dissected pig’s eye. However, researchers were able to direct the flock to the retina at the back of the pig’s eye by using magnetic field.

Researchers believe that the new technology will assist them to directly deliver drugs to the unreachable parts of the human body, including eyeballs.


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