Samsung apologised workers for sickness and cancer deaths


The renowned technology giant Samsung Electronics apologised to workers who got cancer while working at company’s plants.

Samsung apologised workers who developed the cancer or got sick after working at their factories. Company’s co-president Kim Ki-nam and the father of a died worker signed the formal settlement agreement in South Korea.  However, other disabled employees also looked on.

Kim Ki-nam said that Samsung apologised to workers who faced sickness and also from their families. The official also accepted that they failed to manage the health risks at their LCD and semiconductor plants.

In 2007, the scandal was emerged when former workers at the display and semiconductor plants and their families revealed that workers had been died or diagnosed of different types of cancer.

Earlier this month the deal was announced. According to the agreement, Samsung Electronics will pay compensation of up to $133,000 for per case.

16 types of cancer, some other rare illnesses, miscarriages and congenital diseases suffered by the workers’ children will be covered. However, claimants might have worked at plants as far back as 1984.


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